Why I Did Not Protest My “Illegal” Removal As APC National Chairman – Oshiomhole

Immediate past National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has revealed why he accepted his removal as the party’s leader in June 2020, in good faith.

Oshiomhole explained that he did not protest his ouster as party chairman by some powerful elements in the APC, because he had earlier resolved to remain committed to supporting the party regardless of the outcome of the court processes which eventually quashed his sacking.

He said this at the investiture of Mrs Victoria Unoarumi as 10th President of the Rotary Club of Abuja on Saturday.

The former Edo governor also said that he had no regrets over any of his actions which may have triggered the plot against him.

He said, “I had addressed newsmen shortly after my removal and said that regardless of the legality or illegality of my removal, I accepted what happened in good faith and resolved I will not contest it. I promised to remain committed, do what I can as a party member to support the party.

“You know in law, you can decide as I have done to sleep on my rights. And as I took that decision to it has happily remained so.

“I didn’t join the party to become chairman but because we wanted to form an alternate platform capable of taking PDP out of power and that objective was achieved.”

Oshiomhole also said though Nigeria’s democracy is fraught with imperfections, it has come to stay and would survive beyond 2023 irrespective of the challenges facing the nation.

“I have hopes not fears for 2023. People like to talk about their fears but for me, my life is about hopes. I think that by 2023 God will not forsake a nation of 200 million people.

“As an optimist, I always say that with all the problems that Nigeria have, the soft Nigeria is still much more that the sum total of all these problems,” he added.

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