You created Imo’s problems – Imo Govt tells PDP

From Stanley Uzoaru, Owerri

You created Imo’s problems, govt tells PDP
Declan Emelumba

The Imo State Government has accused the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of creating most of the problems being tackled by the current state administration.

Reacting to a recent comment by the PDP during a radio programme in Owerri that Governor Hope Uzodinma has achieved nothing in his 18 months in office, the State Commissioner for Information and strategy, Declan Emelumba, described the remark as ‘infantile idiocy’.

‘Only a blind man and those livid with jealousy and fixated with blackmail would fail to recognise the laudable achievements of the governor in the state,’ the commissioner said.

‘Although most of the problems of the state were created by the opposition party which ruled the state for 13 years in this dispensation, Uzodinma has worked closely very hard to get the state working again,’ Emelumba said.

He said it was a barefaced lie and antiquated propaganda for the PDP to claim that the state has the worst road network, based on an unverified report of an online publication, whereas Governor Uzodinma has built 46 roads and counting.

According to him, the PDP sold a falsehood to the public when it claimed that Imo State did not have cardiologists and nephrologists in its employ.

‘The truth is that the state government has a Cardiologist, Dr Angela Mbakama, a Nephrologist, Dr Anyabuolu and a Pathologist, Dr Nweke, all at Imo State University teaching hospital (IMSUT), among others.

‘So, it amounts to infantile mischief for anyone to jump on the microphone to claim that the state has none of these,’ the commissioner declared.

‘While the government does not inflict diseases on people, let me make it abundantly clear that we have those specialists at Imo State University Teaching Hospital, Orlu,’ he added

Emelumba said it was also laughable that the PDP was relying on questionable statistics to claim that the state has the highest unemployment rate in the country.

“It is not enough to run the mouth on statistics and keep rolling out figures. What is more important is to show the credibility of the figures. We don’t know where they got their statistics, it is noteworthy that Governor Hope Uzodinma has spent N8billion to empower thousands of youths to be self-employed.

Emelumba said the PDP are disappointed that the state had made progress beyond their imagination.

He said a party that had nothing to show for its ‘illegal’ 7 months in office, except for the development of personal estates, cannot sit on judgment on a government that has enthroned accountability and probity in its financial transactions.

Emelumba also pointed out that it is under the administration of Governor Hope Uzodinma that the state attracted a private refinery and a gas plant, yet it is being accused of not doing enough in the ease of doing business.

The commissioner urged the people of Imo to ignore the allegations by the PDP, saying they were borne out of envy and frustration.

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