I am in politics to leave good legacies and impeccable footprints in the sands of time – Ezeani

The highly reputably successful Nigerian Industrialist, Entrepreneur and Former Federal Legislator, Hon. Dr. ThankGod Ezeani, (Ogbaturuenyi), has recently revealed his motivation for veering into politics.
According to the astute economist, it is solely to make permanent positive imprints on humanity, and not for the lust for power or personal aggrandizement.

He emphasized that politics is neither a profession nor is it a means of amassing wealth, but rather a tool for great service to humanity. He added that politics is not a dirty game as some people may want to think of it, but that ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent the bad reputation.
As a successful businessman, he opined that he would have faced his business and forsaken politics, especially since he had already created jobs, affected lives and himself lived a successful life so far. Yey his future generation would ask questions of what he was able to do during his time. They would want to know why he did not affect a greater majority of lives by taking up the mantle to affords him the platform to extend the positive change he champions. Therefore the interest and concerns of the people have propelled him to become a politician that has affected a lot at the corridors of power.

In his words, ”I want to leave good footprints and legacies. I have spent more than half of my years on earth, I would not be here forever. But posterity matters as much as the time spent here on earth. We must provide quality succession and show people the good way. The system has been bastardized and should be corrected for the sake of the unborn generation. It is said a man is a good man who plants a tree under which shade he may never be. Political leaders should give the masses what they need not what they want to give them. I opted for the Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship as a base to reflect what the system should be. Youths should be trained and empowered to become good leaders that will cause a revolutionary change”, he concluded.

Recall that Hon. Dr. ThankGod Ezeani has made visibly immense contributions to the growth of Orlu zone especially his immediate community, demonstrating charity from the very bedrock. His oil and gas industry in Ideato nation has employed several youths and improved their livelihood. As a good community leader, he provided drinking water and constructed roads for his community that was bereft of these amenities for years, he gave scholarship to many students and through his philanthropic programs, many families have been fed and poverty situation greatly ameliorated.

Hon. Dr. Ezeani is a humble man who doesn’t play politics with his achievements and kind gestures because he banks on God for his rewards. His gifts to humanity and the seeds he has sowed speak volumes of his true personality. We always look forward to seeing him do more for Orlu zone, with the assurances of all he has been able to do, even without being in power yet.

Let us embrace the wave of sustainable development with open arms, as we welcome our Senator for Orlu zone, come 2023.

Together we all can🤝🏼

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