The Many Travails Of Rochas Okorocha

by Ezeafurukwe Paul Ihunanya

A characteristics examination of the person and dealings of Rochas Okorocha reveals, without doubts, his penchant for swindling; dubious-minded intent; corrupt dependency and bigotry for sentimental weeping against those whom he oppress – this can be described as one who kills a millipede but cries foul instead of the millipede.

From his origin dating back in the days, despite being successful in what he does, it wouldn’t be far fetched to isolate the swindling instincts in him. This accounts for the popular statement credited to the former President Olusegun Obasanjo when he addressed Imolites (after electing Rochas Okorocha in 2011 as Governor) he passively said “.I gave you small thief but you preferred big thief”.

Little did Imolites understood that language of the former President, we waived it as another speech from the President having failed to foist his choice candidate upon us. Within the first four years, all eyes were opened and “our doubts cleared”. All through the remaining part of his first and second unfortunate administration, every other remaining assets of the state were looted – funds and properties alike.

The story of his third term bid in proxy via his son in-law would be left for another day. Though being a dominant knowledge about him in the public domain, a greater part of his dark life is laundered by his oratory skill in weeping up sentiment – which has been his natural gift that puts food on his table. It’s however uncertain who gave him the gift.

That political catastrophe he suffered was birthed by one whom God sent to salvage Imolites – Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma – whose emergence as the flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC) ushered in fresh breath for all and largely celebrated with jubilation across the state. Just like “ihe Chi dere, o’dele ya” – efforts were applied to stop the wish of God but of course man proposes but God disposes.

Then the mission began – recovery of all stolen and misappropriated funds and properties of the state by those who came to rescue their family and associates from the dwindling proceeds of “OBT”. Having failed to convince and scuffle His Excellency from abandoning the mission, Okorocha began application of his worn out tactics but wasn’t properly informed of the contemporary days we live in – then began his travails!

He ran from post to post; region to region; party to party; court to court but like one who has sinned against the land, none was favouring his quest. Instead of acknowledging a mea culpa and seek forgiveness, he kept compounding his problems and endangering his blinded followers.

There is a clear cut difference from what was obtained during his reign as the Governor of Imo State and at the moment. A very conspicuous distinction is the legal approach applied in the recovery mission of the 3R Government as against the “Gestapo” enforcement of the Rochas administration which created series of legal cases here and there against the state Government from victims of his high handedness.

Having being humbled in his own coin by State actors when he forcefully gained entrance into a recovered state property, a little bit of sense was purchased for him and “vum” he ran to court but “vam” he’s been thrown out as many times as he has approached the court. It however calls for questioning why all of a sudden he found courts worthy of approach when he never obeyed any court order during his days in office: very simple – a drowning man seeking saving grace!

Okorocha having lost touch with his network at the center, seeks to ride above all and distillate the incorruptible nature of our dear President Muhammadu Buhari by building (possibly with stolen funds from Imo State) an institution of learning at the President’s hometown, Daura. In a quick succession, his cases at various law courts with different jurisdictions have been shown the back door for lacking in merit.

It’s therefore informative to note that the travails of Rochas Okorocha remains a product of his penchant to swindling and his love for public funds. As the recovery mission continues, it’s expected that the long arm of the law would strip him off all that he has stolen from the state together with his family and associates.


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