Sam Onwuemeodo: When a liar should learn moderation

by Stanford Arinze Nwokedi

It is very pathetic that what @⁨Sam Onwuemeodo⁩ understands as being a Media Aide to the erstwhile Imo Governor is to lie bare-facedly. I really wonder how he manages to hold up his face after a lying spree as he just exhibited in his last Press Release.

I am very shocked at the level he had descended to deceive his readers. It is rather noteworthy that his highest admirers know he was lying and obviously prejudiced because of his intricacies and complicit involvement in the 8yrs misrule of Owelle Rochas Okorocha. It is also a notorious fact that his media deceits / razzmatazz sustained the wastages of Imo State’s resources. This also very particularly makes him an enemy No 1 to Imo Public. It is not doubtful now that his deceits have expired and all the lackluster substandard megaphone jobs have all evaporated as they ought to only 2 years after leaving office.

Imolites know through the ignoble records of @Sam Onwuemeodo’s Principal that all that he did were voodoo-like and worth nothing, though cost the State so much.

Looking at the new wonder of the Junction Improvement work executed by Planet Projects which today has positioned Imo State Capital as a cynasure of global attention in both safety, aestatics and lack of long traffic, it is not only funny but preposterous that Sam Onwuemeodo wishes to suggest that the waste of valued time currency of Imo people in the archaic technically unguided measureless mystic Roundabouts with fatal consequences should be a subject of his Press Release. It is also unconscionable of him to now accuse the 3R Government of deliberately demolishing Owelle’s white sepulchre IICC make-believe “edifice” which has been gradually collapsing due to the lack of engineering standards followed during construction.

Do I remind Sam Onwuemeodo of the COREN caution hanging on all engineering projects executed by his Principal? Where did he get the effrontery to bare-facedly engage Imolites on the many wasteful, corner-cutting projects executed by his Principal, to wit: China roads that he claimed were washed away by his “acid rain”, the ornamented roadside phantom 27 health facilities claimed to have been built in 27 LGAs but only now a make-shift hideouts for criminals and rodents (being finished outwardly but unplastered inside), 305 prefabricated Primary school blocks that have not been put to use up till now for the obvious structural deficiencies inherent in them, etc etc
What road constructed by Owelle Rochas Okorocha still stands now or stood 6 months after construction?

For those far away from Imo, there is a danger to believe the naked lies put out spiritedly by @⁨Sam Onwuemeodo⁩ just to earn his dubious pay. Imolites on ground are witnesses that what Owelle Rochas Okorocha achieved in the many bongo-like block works he executed in Imo State in his 8 years reign was to loot the overbloated contract sums to himself to fund all his private property businesses across the country, many of which today have been recovered by the State or are under the similar recovery searchlight of the EFCC.

It is very awkward of an erstwhile Governor who filled his Code of Conduct form on assumption of office to now value himself well above the commonwealth of the State in both physical cash and assets.

It is a shame so indelible on the born and unborn generations of Rochas Okorocha, to say the least, that his unearthly greed leading him to the aspiration to make IMO State an empire where his son in-law and direct son would govern and conceal his mountainous grabbing has so perfectly manifested. Thank God for the ballot. May God bless Hope Uzodinma for freeing Imo State from the stranglehold of a glutton.

It is therefore now obvious that the monumental stealing, now uncovered, as formally contained in the Imo State Whitepaper and authenticated by the Justice Fred Njamanze court verdict have not yet made Owelle Rochas Okorocha penitent. No, he is still his haughty self! It is true also that the criminal Media Aide to the deposed emperor is not amenable to common reasoning. Let him now begin to feel the pangs of his foolhardiness and criminal effrontery. I mean, since the court has ruled, let Onwuemeodo’s gift of stolen Imo asset be recovered tomorrow.

It is therefore more reason for the government to remain focused, to remain undaunted, to redouble its efforts to ensure that the criminal precedence of the Ogboko-born Somto killer faces full-swing the legal music arising from his now public graft, impudence, impunity, lawlessness, greediness and wealth idolatry.

If the known criminals escape justice by half, it will not augur well to posterity. The loud recovery feat of the 3R Government won’t make Imolites happy if a known pin belonging to Imo State and in the possession of Owelle Rochas Okorocha, is left unrecovered.

Let the State take back the stolen assets and let potential leaders in Imo State learn the rubrics of selflessness through the full weight of our laws on the Anini under reference.

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