Insecurity: What do you think Hope Uzodinma haven’t done?

…what have you done?

by Obidike Nwagwu Esq

It is not in doubt, that Imo State is presently faced with one of the worse times in our history, in the area of security.

The last time Imo State was this tense, was during the military regime, when armed robbers and kidnappers held the state hostage, leading to the birth of Tanko Zubairu’s “Operation Flush” (those born during that era would remember).

Imo is presently faced with an even more severe security crisis, which political elements opposed to Senator Hope Uzodinma, have politicised against the Imo State govenror, rather than proffer solutions, if they know any, to save the lives of Imo people caught in the crossfire.

What is happening in Imo State today is not a high wave of armed robbery and kidnapping as was the case during Tanko Zubairu, and part of Dr. Ikedi Ohakim era, which they could easily identify and deal with.

We are faced in Imo State, a situation similar to what Boko Haram is doing in the North East, where gunmen cause chaos without any clear reason why they are doing what they are doing.

Former Head of State, Sani Abacha once claimed that insurgency that surpasses 48hours, has government elements involved, but he forgot to mention shadow governments.

In Imo State, it is gradually becoming clearer, that a shadow government, opposed to the government of Senator Hope Uzodinma, exists.

The attacks, the killings all seem senseless and without purpose, but a closer look seems to expose elements whose aim is to discredit the Hope Uzodinma administration, even at the cost of innocent Imo lives.

What is their aim? What is the purpose for the attacks? Have they made any demands?

So far, we have seen no aim, no purpose, neither have they made any demands. It appears to be a calculated agenda, to cause as much trouble in the state as possible, to turn Imo people against Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Unfortunately, to some people, the game plan is working. Some people blame Senator Hope Uzodinma for the insecurity in the state, even when he is the biggest victim.

Let me point out a very important point. Senator Hope Uzodinma is not ignorant of the truth of the matter. The security agencies, whether deliberately or in error, have been trying to blame the Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, and their militant arm, the Eastern Security Network ESN, for the killings, insecurity and unrest in Imo State.

Senator Hope Uzodinma has however been very vocal in his disagreement of their claims. In an interview with a satellite TV, Senator Hope Uzodinma accused aggrieved politicains, of masterminding the attacks, and creating insecurity in the state.

He didn’t stop there, as he more pointedly observed, during the Imo Stakeholders Meeting, that it was after he started the implementation of the report from the Judicial Panel of Enquiry on Lands, that the spate of insecurity, killings and attacks started.

Even a fool should have picked something from that, and even know where this is coming from.

Who benefits most, if Senator Hope Uzodinma fails? Who has a lot to lose, if Senator Hope Uzodinma remains in power as govenror of Imo State? Let’s start using our brains for once while looking at the situation we find ourselves.

Gunmen appear from nowhere, and without any real reason, they create havoc, and you still fail to see their aim? Their aim is simple, make sure Senator Hope Uzodinma is very distracted, and make sure Imo people hate him so much, that he cannot win the 2023 election.

Now let me use an example. If I looted the state to the tone of over ₦3trillion, and the new govenror threatens to expose all that I have done, and even send me to prison, can I not be desperate enough to spend ₦2billion to recruit some criminals, who can cause trouble in the state, just to distract the government, and make the people turn against it, despite its good plans for the people? It becomes more interesting, when I am in alliance with elements who are perceived as heartless and sponsors of violence to serve their own purpose. Elements once upon a time, accused of killing people…

Remember there is a saying that there’s no smoke without fire, and in every rumour or gossip, there is most likely at least 20% of truth in it.

And Ndi Imo are still attacking Senator Hope Uzodinma for the insecurity in the state.

Senator Hope Uzodinma, like Tanko Zubairu before him, did the only thing any Chief Executive would do, when faced with such situation, which is to invite law enforcement agencies to deal with the threat.

Where did he go wrong by doing what the constitution and common sense tells him to do?

Unfortunately and regrettably, there have been innocent civilian casualty, even at the bullets of the security operatives, sent to restore normalcy.

But did Senator Hope Uzodinma tell any trigger happy policeman or solider, to kill an innocent citizen of Imo State, instead of those causing the unrest in the state? No. Who then should be blamed for the deaths and unrest in Imo State? The perpetrators of the crisis, and their sponsors are chiefly responsible for the unrest in the state which resulted in deaths from the recklessness of some security operatives.

The desperation of a few to cling on to power, and protect their ill-gotten wealth, may have cost the lives of innocent Imo people, and turned our once very peaceful state into a war zone.

So when you ask what Senator Hope Uzodinma should do under the circumstances we find ourselves, until the security operatives unmask those behind this spate of insecurity in the state, Senator Hope Uzodinma is doing exactly what anybody in his position, faced with similar situation, would do.

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