Stay Away from Hope Uzodinma if – aide warns

The Ward treasurer of Aladinma Ward 2, of the All Progressives Congress APC, in Imo State, Hon. Chima Osuji, have warned those who have intentions of committing fraud or embezzling public funds, to stay away from the Hope Uzodinma administration.

Speaking with the publisher of MaaziTV, Maazi Obinna Akuwudike, Hon. Osuji reiterated the resolve of the Senator Hope Uzodinma administration, to clamp down hard on any form of administrative recklessness amongst appointees of the government.

“Senator Hope Uzodinma have stated it several times that he has zero tolerance for fraud,” Hon. Osuji stated. “He has already called on Imo people, and future governments to probe him the moment he steps down from office.

“This shows you a man who has zero tolerance for abuse of his office. Even when he was a Senator, did you hear Senator Hope Uzodinma took anybody’s land or house? He is not interested in all that material possessions. He is contented with his house in Omuma, which he had even before going into politics.

“Anybody who wants to work for this administration, with hopes of converting government or Imo people’s property, such as land and what have you, to private use, should have a serious rethink, and stay far away from Senator Hope Uzodinma.

“Believe me, Senator Hope Uzodinma will be the person to hand you over to the police or EFCC, if you are found wanting.

“As for every state owned property, or property of Imo people forcefully taken by past administrations, Senator Hope Uzodinma must restore all of them. You can see he is already doing it. They are fighting, they are kicking. All this Insecurity in the state, you know when it all started. But nothing will stop Senator Hope Uzodinma’s resolve to restore everything that is lost, to the rightful owners.

“This is a man I know that will never fail Imo people. His work so far tells you of the kind of man he is. It takes a man with the will to serve, to embark on that multi billion naira tunnel project, to curb flooding in the state, caused by unplanned construction projects of the past regime.

“Senator Hope Uzodinma will sensitise Imo State. Nothing good comes easy, but trust me when I tell you this, Imo people will celebrate Senator Hope Uzodinma.”

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