I Warned Nnamdi Kanu To Relocate To Isreal Three Weeks Before His Kidnap- Awurum

Jakarta based Imo man, Mr Awurum Darlington, has revealed that he warned the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to relocate to Isreal, or be more security conscious.

Awurum made this known in a post on his Facebook page, which reads as follows:

3 Weeks Before Prince Nnamdi Kanu’ s Kidnap, I Had Reasons To Tell Him To Relocate To Israel Or Be Security Conscious

The screenshot below, is a message I sent to him immediately after his very last live broadcast in this space, 8weeks ago. I knew they were coming for him in a commando way.

Kanu’ s IPOB was badly infiltrated locally and internationally. A lot of bad eggs in IPOB compromised. I don’ t expect anyone who doesn’ t have information to understand this. But IPOB was invaded.

If I were in charge of any of the departments in IPOB, especially the Information and Strategy department, I will always be one step ahead of Buhari’ s Government.

I said these things before they happened, but until it happens, no one listens to me. Kanu’ s abduction didn’ t come to me as a surprise, I saw it about to happen and I warned him early enough through channels available to me.

But I guess it wasn’ t good enough, probably because I am not a member of IPOB, neither do I have a position there.


Around 2020, just before this insecurity started, I warned us on what and how it will play out. Yet, the enemies had the upper hand because we couldn’ t do anything about it.

Now Let’ S Face The Issues.

I have been meaning to ask us, up until today, why is it that no Parent(s) in Imo State have raised an alarm over a missing girl child, virgin or not?

A boy, who is obviously one of theirs, infiltrated, Recruited and Hired ” Unknown Gunmen” agents from Igboland came out to claim they beheaded and used 10 virgin girls from Imo State for Rituals. 10 girls o. We didn’ t ask questions like:

1. Was there any news of such killings reported in Imo State by guardian(s) or parent(s) within the time frame?

2. Was there a time any parent(s) in Imo State raised an alarm of their child /children missing, or beheaded” ?

3. Did Imo State police command at anytime write a Press Release on a reported case of a missing girl or beheaded girl in Imo State?

Is Imo State not too small for such news not to get into the ears of everyone? We have only 27 LGAs.

How come we swallowed that lie hook line and sinker. We didn’ t ask Questions. Abi na fowl they behead?

So, how can 10 virgin girls be abducted in our small Imo State for Rituals and no one is looking for their child? Have you not been fooled again? So when will you get sense kwanu?

If Anyone Claimed To Be ESN and IPOB while making this false confession, don’ t you think the entire thing that played out with the unknown gunmen is a criminal plot by the deep state? ? ?

Let’ s go deeper.

I have said it before, while many of us are busy demonizing our Youths, linking Unknown Gunmen to IPOB /ESN because a few infiltrated expendables were placed on cameras, we are losing sight of the real enemies who have infiltrated our region, polluted a criminal minded youths in Igbo land and using them for a set goal.

The Unknown Gunmen is the creation of deep State. You don’ t need to believe me, time reveals all things. I can’ t remember neither you nor I nick- naming them Unknown Gunmen. Where did the name come from?

Hired Machineries with a few gullible Igbo youths are eliminating our people both in the private sectors, political circle and in the security institutions, burning cars and houses to demonize us. We are not looking in that direction because of deep rooted hate amongst us.

They use a set of Abuja intelligent Plotters to mobilise youths considered expendables, and then use the other set of military and police cleaners to eliminate them alongside many innocent youths.

Everything being done to criminalise IPOB/ ESN is to eliminate young Igbo youths in their numbers whether you are IPOB or not.

Many of the Military men killed were Igbos. Many of the police men killed were Igbos. Many of the civilians killed were Igbos. Those arrested, paraded and detained for doing nothing at all are Igbos. Even when they paraded those they claimed where not Igbos in the gang, yet when you shout Omoh Yoruba or Hausa, you are freed and Igbos shot at and picked. How Come? ? ?

Are you saying that IPOB or ESN will set out to eliminate Police and Military men and they will focus on Igbos? Like operations are carried out without Intel and when you see an Igbo man and Hausa man you wouldn’ t identify who is who? Or are we to believe that more Igbo Police and Military men are in Igbo land than Hausa Police and Army? Think!

Except close associates, no one knew Alhaji Ahmed Gulak was in Imo State because there was no public announcement of his visit to the state, many people don’ t even know him in person, but he was traced from the Hotel where he secretly lodged, and in a manner that was obvious he was sneaking out for safety reasons- (from what we don’ t know), he was on Jeans trousers, polo- shirt and facemask (which is unusual of a Muslim) yet they singled him out and assassinated him; while other occupants of the same vehicle were unharmed; no bullet shattered the car, no other passenger was shot, those who were in the same car with him up until today nothing was heard of them, the driver nko? Nothing else has been heard of his killers. He is gone and his death blamed on IPOB/ESN and Igbo youths. All of us swallowed it as usual like dummies.

That leaves us with the question, would any untrained killer operate that way? Was his PA not in that car? Why only him if it was IPOB or ESN?

Did you recall that the very car he was in (A blue 2009 Toyota Camry SE) had Taxes, USA plate number? How did it get registration in Nigeria with Uber? A USA registered car?

We are just smart by half when it comes to dealing with these people. I have lived with Fulanis in the security institutions. I have been with them for long, ate, drank, flew and rode in convoys with them and I can tell you better. In this game, they are smarter than us. Do your buying and selling, you can even sell them join, but when it comes to Political plotting, we are nursery school pupils to them.

Kanu was betrayed by a trusted Igbo ally, because a 100million bounty was at stake. An Igbo man betrayed him, this will be made open in due time. Did that not ring a bell to you that his organisation was infiltrated and many Igbos are now working for the Fulanis for the Benjamins?

Shockingly, after betraying him, they immediately told the snitch that they are no longer paying him the money, because he didn’ t deliver Kanu to them so that they will hand him over to the Police themselves. Go and check the video on YouTube. Northerners are smart.

The hoodlums that opened fire at one Anambra first bank hung Biafran flag there while they were leaving. They didn’ t come to steal any money, they only attacked the environment, created awareness and hung Biafran flag. So, none of us saw the fowl play in that? So ESN will actually embark on such mission and hang flags?

People are randomly arrested, and from nowhere Biafran flags and or insignias, and arms from police armoury will appear during their parade. We are not seeing any fowl play there? If we are not seeing all these things, when do we get sense?

Immediately the plan was on high gear to pick up Kanu, Unknown Gunmen went silent until Kanu’ s abduction and weeks down the line.

Immediately that Unknown Gunmen uproar seem to be a end to an era, I knew it was time to go for Kanu and I informed him that it is time to come for him.

Kanu’ s abduction became known, what Nigeria Government thought will be celebrated was resented, and the legality in peril even as July 26th approached.

Since the abduction is being questioned, then it would be most CONVENIENT to re- activate the Unknown Gunmen again to keep them in the people’ s consciousness and make Kanu look ever guilty through to next court sitting.

Over- running the State Police Command by the Government House in Owerri by some gun- wielding, Herdsmen- fighting boys with the Army Command just nearby, Fire Service police (former Crack Squad) Station nearby, Shell camp Police nearby, State CID nearby, Government house nearby, Commissioner Of Police lodge nearby, yet there was no response for hours, wasn’ t that a little too bogus a story to you all?

That is the most secured place in Imo State remember?

Even when the Governor said he will expose the conspiracy of Imo Politicians and security men involved in that Prison break, all of a sudden there was massive transfer of officers from the Prisons and sister security agencies out of Imo State. Even the then Commissioner of police was immediately replaced before the commencement of investigation. What do you think happened? Why was those officers transfered at the demand of investigation into the prison break?

We have actually failed to think in the direction that this UGM thing is being sponsored by the deep state, just to find reasons to oppress and kill Igbos youths.

Who gave them that name UNKNOWN GUNMEN and for what purpose? Was it not the Government and Yoruba Controlled media that baptized them Unknown Gunmen? Do you know why they choose that name?

Because they can’ t say it is ESN or IPOB while they are on a mission to eliminate Igbo Youths whether guilty or not. Once you are alive and a target, you are Unknown (a criminal without identity). But once you are killed or arrested, you then have the IPOB/ESN identity which is a ticket to your tribulation.

I only blame Kanu who delved into that trap and allowed them use his amplifying voice to hinge it on him and his group. There’ s 99. 9% reasons to believe that Kanu was not aware of those behind the Unknown Gunmen, but as usual, he used his voice to amplify it and became culpable just as he did during the EndSARS that had nothing to with him.

One thing we should understand is that all these boys they are gathering to confess incoherently, will go through cross examination by Kanu’ s defense counsel if he is even tried, then we will know how long they will hold unto these lies.

The revelation will shock many. You will all understand how long we have been fooled by this people.

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