Imo opposition insincere, anti-people – Uzodinma’s aide insists

An aide to the govenror of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma, have taken a swipe at the opposition in the state, labelling them as insincere and anti-people.

The aide, who didn’t want to be mentioned, made this known while interacting with MaaziTV publisher, Maazi Obinna Akuwudike, during a telephone discussion.

“The so-called opposition in the state are very insincere. They have no genuine interest in the wellbeing of the people. They are only interested in getting into power and it’s very unfortunate.

“Let’s take for instance, when Imo was going through a severe case of insecurity. How many of them offered advise on how best to address the matter? Did they even find it necessary to at least talk to the people and help calm the tension? No. They turned their backs on the people simply because they were not in power. Must you be in power to be socially responsible?

“Take for instance when Rochas Okorocha was govenror, Dr Ikedi Ohakim, though in the opposition, still showed social responsibility by putting pen to paper, and advising Okorocha on areas he felt should be critically addressed. One of the things Ohakim wrote about was the inland bridges, and just like Ohakim foresaw, the bridges are collapsing today.

“Ohakim showed social responsibility and maturity, even though the person he was writing to decided to play politics with the issue, rather than addressing the issues raised. Have any of the so-called opposition in the state written to Senator Hope Uzodinma, expressing their concern over one issue or the other? This should tell you how much they think about the people.

“Okorocha is only interested in controlling APC in the state, and making his son-in-law governor. That is his own opposition and boils down to hunger for power.

“The others are playing to the gallery as usual, all for their selfish political interests, not the general interest of the people of Imo State.

“Looking at where we are coming from, the opposition lacks the morality to attack Senator Hope Uzodinma over issues concerning infrastructure. Even when they were there for eight months, they achieved nothing in that regard. Okorocha took it upon himself to take Imo State twenty years backwards, and no right thinking human being, will expect Senator Hope Uzodinma to correct the mess Okorocha created in a matter of months.

“A sincere opposition will offer advise first and if their advise is ignored, then they can criticize. That will show that their interest is for the people, not petty politics.

“His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma is not all knowing. He has severally opened his arms to the opposition, urging them to join hands with him to move Imo forward.

“If all you can think of is how to paint the government bad, rather than offer advise on how to make the state better, you are insincere and have no interest in the well-being of Imo people.”

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