IMHA And The Concerted Willful Ignorance Of Imo PDP

At this point – my frank opinion is that any one or group of people who still; can feign ignorance on the constitutionality of the disciplinary measures preferred against some erring members of the state assembly by the leadership of the house; is either stupìd, a crook or does not live in this state to follow the workings of the state legislature.

Imo PDP are neither stupìd or crook. So I must assume that they do not live in this (reality) state to have known the workings of the state legislature.

Even on the premise of not living in the state as that may not suffice, because the world is now a global village to keep everyone abreast of the workings at home even while abroad; I must assume the forgetfulness of the Imo PDP on the workings of the state assembly on the account of what I have chosen to call ‘concerted wilful ignorance’ as that might be a likely reason for their collective dementia — but here again I believe that something more wilful than a mere lack of information was at work.

If there is something in their recent press briefing more than forgetfulness, more than lack of factual knowledge, what is it? It is quite simple; a constant desire of one to live in arbitrary delusion – they know the truths but because they have boxed themselves into a corner of arbitrary delusion, any attempt to shine the lights of enlightenment will be resisted, so no one should begrudge Imo PDP in their unending quests of living in wilful concerted ignorance and gross delusion, in grandeur proportions.

Since they have continued to feign ignorance, it will be worthwhile, I believe, to shine the lights of enlightenment even when I know it is going to be a waste of precious productive time but for the sake of the unsuspecting members of the public:

  1. By the passage of the bill now assented Act by the President “Legislative Houses (Power and Privileges) Act 2018.”, every lawmaker is deemed to have an immunity on the floor of the house. According to section of the act, “a criminal or civil proceeding shall not be instituted against a member of the Legislative House in respect of words spoken or written at the plenary session or at Committee
    proceedings of the Legislative House”. By the wordings of this section, no matter what a parliamentarian says at the floor of the house or at a committee proceeding can not be used against him as a cause of action.

By effect, the Unparliamentary Conducts by the erring lawmakers were made at outside of their Legislative enclaves which tended to bring the institution of the state house of Assembly and the person of the Honorable Speaker of the house to a grieving ridicule. There are many instances to this as evidences abound.

  1. Localizing the laws – because as our elders would say “Ọkwa mba na achị n’olu na olu” —the house in its wisdom amended the house rules 61, 62, & 63 House Order 11 which stated that any member of the house who contravenes the House rules will be subjected to face the house committee on ethics and Privileges for disciplinary action.

This rules were amended by some of the erring members. Infact, it was one of the suspended member who moved the motion for the amendment which sought to give the Speaker the express authority to discipline any erring member of the house without resorting to the house committee on ethics and privileges.

It is instructive to note that both members of the PDP and APC were in agreement when that motion was passed and adopted by the whole house.

  1. It is therefore very laughable for PDP to turn around making a 360 volt face to cry that the speaker did not follow due process in the suspension of their members while the speaker exercised his legitimate discretion and authority freely accorded to him by the generality of the house.
  2. The Imo PDP’s continued feigning of ignorance of the law cannot be excused as ignorance of the law cannot prevent it from taking it’s course.
  3. Imo PDP should look inwards, if they continue to feign ignorance, and let their members to educate them on the true workings of the house as Mr. Speaker has not done anything contrary to the powers accorded him by the State’s legislative institution.
  4. Mr. Speaker has been very fair enough to constitute an ad-hoc committee on appeals to hear the appeals of the errant members – there, they can go and prove their innocence if they feel their suspension lacks merit.
  5. Worthy of note is that the suspension was bipartisan as it cut across all the parties, infact, there were more APC members that were affected more than that of the PDP. So the Imo PDP lacks the moral rights to cry victimization as it can be seen; clearly enough, that the House was on a sanitation mission to restore sanity, order and decorum and this was irrespective of whose Party’s ox was gored.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.
July 20, 2021.

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