What Governor Uzodimma Told Me To Tell Imo People


     By Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM)

Today is Sunday and it is a day that I reserved to deliver this message of HOPE from.my Governor, your Governor and our Governor Senator Hope Nwa Uzodimma. It is a message of reassurance of his determination to serve Imo people with the best of his ability. It is a message of his love and affection for Imo people. It is a message to assure us that our tomorrow is going to be better and brighter than our today since our today is clearly better than our yesterday as a people. It is a message from the heart of a man with the noblest of intention for his people.

Governor Uzodimma enjoins Imo people to be prayerful as the weather is getting clearer and clearer by the day. He told me to tell you that he is committed to using the money of Imo state to work for the people of the state in all sincerity. I heard when he vowed that nothing will make him to disappoint the trust and confidence you people bestowed on him. He said he cherishes Imo people’s uncommon love for him and that he does not take for granted your continued prayer, support and loyalty for him and the 3R government that he presides..

Governor Uzodimma made me to understand that he has no hard feelings for anybody including those who oppose him saying that he is the Governor for all- the good, the bad and the ugly. He said he understands that so many things define the behaviour of those who oppose him. If it is not the bitterness that they lost power; it is out of ignorance or lack of understanding of his lofty plans for the state. He said that he is happy that many of these people are already coming to terms that he has good plans for the state.

Governor Uzodimma said that his Shared Prosperity government has the interest of the Youths at heart. He told me that the ongoing massive Empowerment of 15,000 youths after many of them had gone through several life changing training is one out of so many packages he has that will benefit the Youths. So he wants the youths to keep off from crimes and criminalities advising them that they are Ill winds that will blow off their bright future. He pleaded with them to use their youthful strength and energy to work for their future and that they should think positively and reason very well.

Governor Uzodimma said that under him, he will kill the endemic corruption which was elevated to stare craft by the past administrations. He said the incidences of greedy acquisition of state properties, embezzlement a of the state common wealth and abuse of office which Imo people suffered in the past shall be a thing of the past. He swore that he will never repeat those mistakes of the past.

Governor Uzodimma only ask for the prayers, suppprt and understanding of Imo people maintaining that he has come to genuinely work and develop Imo state. As a person, he said he lacked nothing before coming to power and therefore that he has no reason to siphon Imo resources. He said he is contented with what God has blessed him and that he remained grateful to God for taking him thus far in life.

Governor Uzodimma told me that he has for many years sought and prayed fervently to God to make him Governor so that he can serve him through the office and change the ugly narrative in the state. He said that now that God has made him Governor, it is left for him to do his own part promising he would never disappoint God and Imo people.

So he told me to tell you all to be calm and prayerful as the future of Imo state is looking up. He said that we should bear in mind that we are one in Imo state and that we have no other state we can call our own except Imo. He said it is his wish that Imolites get the best from him stating that he always consults God in all he does because he believes that God who gave him this position will guide and guard him all the way.

Truthfully Yours, Nwamkpa Modestus is my name and I approve of this message to Imo people.

Modestus Nwamkpa

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