Details As Sunday Igboho’s Men Hunt For Betrayer In His Camp

A joint team of security operatives stormed Igboho’s residence in the early hours of yesterday, Thursday July 1, 2021

Core loyalists of Sunday Adeyemo, one of the most visible agitators for Yoruba Nation are on a hunt.

They are looking for who gave intelligence to security operatives who invaded the Soka,Ibadan residence of the popular agitator.

A joint team of security operatives stormed Igboho’s residence in the early hours of yesterday, Thursday July 1, 2021.

The manner of the “operation” which resulted in the arrest of 13 persons and deaths of two people was carried out has resulted in accusations of treachery in Igboho’s camp.

“The operatives went to each room calling the names of the occupiers, it means they had inside knowledge” Igboho’s loyalists claim.

Igboho escaped by the whiskers in the raid which recorded a shootout between his men and security operatives for about one hour. gathered that the conviction that the Security operatives came with detailed knowledge of the layout of the residence and the residents are fueling talks of treachery in Igboho’s camp.

This belief is said to have resulted in further tightening of the circle with access to the Yoruba nation agitator who came to prominence by sacking criminals masquerading as herdsmen in Ibarapa area of Oyo state. gathered the “distrust” created by talks of “betrayal” among Igboho’s loyalists have sparked up a disquiet of sort in his camp, especially in the face of the Department of State’s Service (DSS) declaring him a person of interest

The hunt for the “betrayer” is meant to restore trust among Ighoho and his men.

The security DSS while confirming the invasion of Igboho’s residence at about 1.34a.m on Thursday, July 2, 2021 on the strength of allegation of stockpiling arms, disclosed that the joint team of security operatives recovered “seven AK-47 assault rifles; three Pump Action guns; 30 fully charged AK-47 magazines; (5,000) rounds of 7.62mm ammunition; five cutlasses; one jack knife; one pen knife two pistol holsters; one binoculars and a wallet containing $5 in $1 denomination, local and international driver’s licenses in his name, ATM cards and a German resident permit No. YO2N6K1NY bearing his name.

Included in the list were also “ two whistles; 50 cartridges; 18 walkie-talkies; three Voodoo charm jackets/traditional body armour; two laptops (Toshiba and One Compaq models); and his International Passport and those of many others.”

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