Biafra: IPOB ‘Founder’ Breaks Silence On Nnamdi Kanu’s Rearrest

The self-acclaimed founder of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Emeka Emekesiri, has reacted to the arrest and re-arraignment of Nnamdi Kanu.

Recall that IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu was reportedly rearrested in Kenya and extradited back to Nigeria on the 27th of June, 2021.

He was then arraigned before Justice Binta Nyako who ordered his remand in the custody of the DSS until his next trial date.

Kanu, who is facing an 11-count charge of treason, treasonable felony, terrorism and illegal possession of firearms, among others, jumped bail in 2017 and left the country, only to re-emerge in Israel and then in the United Kingdom.

Now facing criminal charges following his re-arrest, the federal government accused the pro-Biafra activist of orchestrating the killing of 60 people.

Speaking in a video, Emekesiri, the self-acclaimed founder of IPOB, said “I have received many calls from many people, asking me to make comments on the arrest and trial of Nnamdi Kanu.”

“I wondered why they asked me to make comments. Some say that they want my opinion; some say that they want to know the way forward. Well, I’m a lawyer. You know that I believe in the rule of law.

“I heard that he was arrested and returned to the court where he was standing trial in 2017, and I was told he was standing trial and he jumped bail and there was a warrant issued for his arrest — bench warrant.

“Now, it appears that the warrant has been executed. If that is the case and you want me to make a comment, what do you want me to say?

“I’m a lawyer. What I will say is that let justice prevail. Let the law takes its course.”

Emekesiri recounted how Kanu joined IPOB and was deployed to manage the broadcast section of the group, after he left Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB).

“I created the IPOB, under the elders. So, when he joined us, we believed that he had talents for broadcasting, and so we put him in the media department so that he could use the media to promote the work,” he said.

“Initially, he did very well promoting the work, but along the line, we didn’t know he had an ulterior motive. Using the radio, he made an announcement just like the army takes over when they plan a coup.

“He now announced that our elders are saboteurs and traitors, and that he had dissolved the council of elders of IPOB and he is now the leader.

“Well, we excommunicated him on 12th of May, 2014, from this body called Indigenous People of Biafra. So, the one he is carrying on with is fake.”

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