Anyanwu Slams Olu Owerri over attack on ABM


My attention has been drawn to a callous, barbaric and uncivilized publication on page 3 of Nigerian Horn dated Monday 5th July 2021 by a group of trivial under the aegis of “OLU OWERRI UNITY ASSOCIATION”.

Ordinarily, I would not have been pertubed in joining issues with Martin Opara and his cohorts knowing that their stock in trade is to defame, traduce and eventually defraud their victims on the guise of charting the political interest of Owerri geo-political zone which only exist on the pages of newspaper.

Let me firstly state clearly that it is not in my character to eulogize elites or politicians for any parochial or personal interest but I am duty bound to put the records straight when political jobbers under the guise of a socio-cultural organization like “OLU OWERRI” purportedly saddled with the general interest of a geo-political zone throws tantrums to distinguished sons or daughters of Imo State and Owerri zone in particular especially those who have expressed commitment towards the development of the state at large and Owerri zone in particular.

For the records, Prince Mbata has shown capacity through his numerous giant stride efforts such as his solely financing and construction of a 4.5km road in his Ngwoma Obube Community in Owerri North L.G.A and a 2km Protea Hotel dual carriage Road with drainage to Achike Udenwa Estate as a demonstration of his contribution to a better Imo of our collective dreams in the area of infrastructure.

As if that was not enough, Prince Mbata also distributed trailer loads of food items in Owerri North during the restrictions necessitated by Covid-19 lockdown and also supported the state government to fight the pandemic through his cash donation.

It is imperative that philantropic gestures should not be misinterpreted but commended recalling the Igbo adage that says “Ekelee onye akidi, ya agwota ozo”.

Nevertheless, it is the constitutional right of Prince Mbata to vie for any position he so desires in as much as he is qualified for such position to enable him do what he knows how to do best recalling the maxim which says and I quote “He who knows the piper, dictates the tone”.

Nevertheless, Let me state emphatically that neither Martin Opara nor his sponsors have the authority to speak for Owerri zone on the position of the people of the zone come 2023 general election.

At the right time, the people of Owerri zone will choose their representative based on available records, commitments and efforts towards building the zone which Prince Mbata has expressed much wherewithal.

Let me remind Martin Opara that he lacks the personality to chart the course of the people of Owerri zone as history has it that he was suspended as a Student’s Union Government President of Alvan Ikoku College of Education due to financial misappropriation of the unions treasury.

As if that was not enough, Martin Opara played a hooliganic role during the Ezeship tussle of his Logara Community in Ngor Okpala L.G.A of Imo State.

In 2019, Martin Opara did not only betray Okey Eze but dumped the Okey Eze APGA political camp in 2019 as the Director of Youths and jumped ship to the Ihedioha PDP camp which further shows that he is a political jobber seeking for money bag politicians to further defraud.

Make no mistakes about it, Martin Opara and his cohorts lacks integrity, rectitude, decency and moral principles to talk about the interest of the people of Owerri zone and should desist from insulting a revered leader and philantropist like Prince Alex Mbata in such a disparaging manner knowing that the leadership of OLU OWERRI and their sponsors all live in glass houses.

I urge Martin Opara, his cohorts and sponsors to retract their statement and tender a written apology to Prince Alex Mbata without hesitation.

A word is enough for the wise.

Comr Sam ND Anyanwu
Owerri North L.G.A, Imo State.

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