Shocking: Uzodinma contradicts self, reveals truth about N4 billion FG loan

By Emma Ndukwu

As Imo people continue to criticize Gov Hope Uzodinma over his erroneous claims of empowering 15,000 youths with loans, the Omuma-born politician has made a face-saving move to set the records straight. Also, reliable sources at Nigeria’s apex bank, CBN, have hinted that the federal government, irked by Uzodinma’s misleading claims over Abuja’s initiative to grant the sum of N500,000 to each Imo applicant as post-covid stimulus package, had concluded plans to cancel the program in Imo state.

In a swift reaction, Uzodinma, through his official Facebook handle named “Hope Electronic Media Center”, announced that the money which he had said he was going to give Imo youths is actually a federal government loan to the youths.

Despite his clarification, Imo people are still at a loss as to the reason he chose to deceive them in the first place. Many others have also questioned the criteria that qualified those he selected for the loans, while countless others have taken to the social media to vent their anger over the secrecy that shrouded the selection process.

“When was this announced? We did not hear. Now N4b meant for Imo youths they have selected their family, friends and party members to share. I am fed up with this evil government in Imo,” an Imo lady wept on Facebook.

“He is calling everyone to gather at the stadium to share federal government money. Where did he keep the allocations to Imo state? He is catching cruise with Central Bank loan to Imo youths. When the crowd will gather, he will snap them and claim they came to support his government. Uzodinma, your tire don tire everybody,” another Imo indigene lamented online.

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