Nigeria Not One Country, Emulate Yugoslavia – Criminologist insists

by Chief Henry Eke

Chief Henry Eke

Yugoslavia broke into six independent countries per their ethnicity. Peace has returned to the region.

Nigeria is not one country and needs to be divided per ethnicity. We are not one people. The South has alot in common, but not with the North, especially with the Fulanis.

Nigeria need to emulate Yugoslavia and end the senseless killings. We should and stop pretending that Nigeria is one.

Nigeria is four independent countries with huge population. Do to Nigeria as was done in Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia and Nigeria are identical with ethnic and religious problems.

The senseless killings must stop. Oduduwa should be an independent Nation, Biafra must be independent nation, Middlebelt must be independent Nation as well as Arewa. The division shall usher in peace, prosperity and development in these countries. It shall stop influx of job seekers into Europe.

Nigeria is not one until the arrival of colonial masters. Why are you working very hard to keep Nigeria as one nation, xsswhereas it is not. The killing of agitators cannot solve the problem.

Since 1960, nothing works in Nigeria…poverty and lack of healthcare services are the order of the day. Nothing is working…joblessness, instability, and lack of faith in the country are tormenting the population.

Divide Nigeria now. Yes Dr. Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo made monumental mistakes to agreeing to one Nigeria, it could be corrected because such was not eternal. Nigeria is hell on earth.

The Oduduwa and Middlebelt must borrow some leaves from Biafran agitators to increase their volumes. Nigerian State is a fraud. The nation is like an empty vessel.

Nigeria is causing the deaths of young people as they drowned in the Atlantic Ocean trying to cross into Europe. The other unemployed youths are gunned and slaughtered by the terrorists in Armed forces uniforms.

I have hope in God Almighty to break Nigeria into four or five countries. What is obtainable now is an aberration. Nigeria is murdering careers, killing and burying hopes and aspirations of the youths.

God is punishing Nigeria for her first genocide against Biafra.

The United Nations should and must stop feigning ignorance of the second ethnic cleansing happening in Biafraland.

The UN should ignore the actions and ignorance of the so-called Eastern Governors because they are not the true representatives of the masses.

Let’s go for referendum and stop the cowardly killings of peaceful agitators.

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