As Moses Did Not Enter The Promised Land, Will Nnamdi Kanu Not Enter Biafra Republic?

In recent times, the messages of doom against the leader of the proscribed Indigenous Peoples of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, have grown immensely.

While some give warning, hinting of a probability, and chance for him to escape it, others speak with certainty, that the life of the secession agitator was greatly threatened.

The most recent announcement by 75 Northern groups, of a bounty of N100 million, placed on Nnamdi Kanu’ s head, may seem the first step towards the fulfilment of the predictions and prophesies, of the dooms day clerics.

Despite the calls by the groups, to the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and others, the announcement of a cash bounty, makes it clear that the groups do not particularly care how they get him, whether alive or dead.

Invariably, the group have just place a hit on Nnamdi Kanu, and any criminal organisation can attempt to cash in and collect it.

This line of thought, strengthens the allegations by a Christian cleric, Obinna Akukwe, who recently raised alarm of a plot by a Northern politicain, to eliminate Nnamdi Kanu, using an European mafia group.

The call by the 75 Northern groups, have been viewed by readers, as a smoke screen, for the real sponsor of the hit on Kanu, to shift suspicion, but it goes to confirm Akukwe’ s claims.

Recall also, that two clerics have recently raised alarm of impending doom, coming to Nnamdi Kanu. While Ekene Bob- Ekechukwu, who had raised that alarm in 2020, insists that poison may be used against Nnamdi Kanu, Pastor Olatobiliba Peters, seems very sure that Nnamdi Kanu will not see the actualisation of the Biafra struggle.

It can also be recalled, that another cleric, Saviour Kal El, even though he did not prophesy of Kanu’ s death, referred to Kanu as a Moses of the people.

Biblically, Moses saw the land God promised, but did not go into it.

With the events taking place, could it be that the prophesies are true? What would the death of the Biafran agitator bring? Akukwe states that the plotters hope to bring the struggle to an end with Kanu’ s death. Will their plan work, or would it further snowball the matter out of proportion?

Wouldn’ t it have been better for the leadership of the country, to genuinely address the issues bothering the country, to find lasting solutions, than deploying force as a measure which has never yielded fruit? What would be the international reaction, to the death of Nnamdi Kanu through assassination?

This might be a death, that could bring Biafra faster rather than stopping it.By Chimamanda Akuwudike

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