“Recognition Of Ndigbo As A Dot In A Circle Instigated The Genocide Of 1966, I’m Honoured To Be A Dot”- US Based Criminologist Explains

Sir Henry Otulle Eke, a United States of America based criminologist, have brushed aside the seemingly derogatory comments of President Muhammadu Buhari, against the Igbos, when he referred to the Igbos as a dot in a circle.

Sir Henry Eke expressed honour to be seen as a dot in a circle, and further explains how significant that dot referred to by Buhari has been in Nigeria. His article published on his Facebook handle, reads as follows:

Sir Henry Eke

I cannot understand why a dot in a circle is becoming a subject of another genocide. Obviously, the presidency underestimated the significance of a dot in a circle.

Think about this, to be at the center of the Universe is not a derogatory remark. When there is an earthquake, the Seismologists determine the epicenter of the action on a Reicter Scale. The Epicenter signifies the Center of the action.

The Equator is the center of the Universe and from the dot on the Equator the Center of the world is determined.

Many people are not happy that lgbo Nation was described as a dot in a Circle by the Presidency, but l am not.

As a matter of fact, l am honored as an lgboman to be described as a dot in a Circle.

The intention of the presidency was to denigrate lgbo people, but in the process, he unintentionally elevated lgbo Nation as the hub of Nigerian economy.

It is because of the recognition of Igbo Nation as a dot in a Circle that instigated Nigeria to wage war of genocide between 1966 and 1970 and still fighting Biafra’ s restoration and Sovereignty till today.

A country cannot go to war for infinitesimal. lf Igbo Nation is inconsequential for Nigeria, why afraid of referendum? Why attacking Biafra with every Military might in the country to keep her in Nigeria?

Being described as a dot in a Circle was a tremendous honor. The presidency and the Cabals misfired and had regretted for describing lgbo Nation as a dot in a Circle.

This is an indirect elevation of lgbo ingenuity and sophistication in every technological advancements throughout the world.

So stop attributing a dot in a Circle as being derogatory, because it is not. It is a badge of honor. Please study a dot in a Circle to find its significance in a Circle.

Honestly speaking, the phraseology of a dot in a Circle was ignorantly and unintelligently used to expose the academic bankruptcy of Aso Rock Cabals.

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