Uzodinma: Definitely A Square Peg in A Round Hole

By Collins Opurozor

“We hear that herdsmen and farmers are fighting, and for that reason 200 people have been kidnapped. We hear that people have been shot down here, and people have been killed there, what do you want me to do?” – Uzodinma.

The above statement was recently made in a viral video by the head of the regime in Imo state, Chief Hope Uzodinma. In effect, the man who is primarily entrusted with the function of protecting the lives of Imo people openly rebuffed the people’s entreaties for protection. He said he would never budge about safeguarding their lives. He was also overtly disgusted that they were calling on him to intervene in the killings in the state. And the chief security officer of Imo state vowed never to be moved by festival of blood and the tales of tears in the state.

This is the height of inhumanity, gross abdication of duties and abuse of public trust! Why would a man pocket well over N600 million every month as security vote and still tell Imo people to go and perish? This explains why Imo is today in ruins. If Uzodinma could openly, boldly and unabashedly confess to his inability to deliver security to the people, which is the first purpose of political governance, what then happens to the rest of the sectors?

A Ghanian author, Ayi Kwei Armah, once said that: “Words thrown out carelessly soon reveal their meanings.” Has Uzodinma not told the world why his regime has no economic blueprint? Has he not explained why he has no health policy? What other explanations should anyone expect about his failure to come up with educational and agricultural policies almost two years into his tenure? He has said it all: “Expect nothing from me.” Words thrown out carelessly soon reveal their meanings.

Uzodinma’s haughty admission of his failure to protect the people should stir up mass outrage and action. He has not just violated his oath of office, he has worse still insulted and impugned the Constitution. By that statement, he has opened the floodgate of hell and invited all the demons into Imo state where they can operate unchallenged. He has also called on Imo people to resort to self-help, since the government can no longer discharge its function of protecting them. This is really pathetic. This is what it means to put a square peg in a round hole. This is the tragedy of an accidental ruler with zero understanding of the workings of government.

Government exists for the sake of life and continues to exist for the sake of the best life. Life before government was unlivable. The society without government, the pre-political state of nature, was rampant with chaos and strife, and human life was poor, nasty, solitary, brutish and short. Man was a beast onto fellow men. It was a state of war of one against all, and all against one. And by a social contract, men created government essentially for the sake of protecting them. Any government anywhere, therefore, that fails to protect the people has no justification to continue to exist.

That life in Imo today is nasty, solitary, brutish, poor and short speaks to the mission of Uzodinma which is to plunge Imo into statelessness and collective doom. Imo people must unite and say no to this catastrophe which is about to befall them.

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