Buhari’s Grazing Route and Uzodinma’s Silence

By Egejuru Austin T.

Having waited for 48hours to hear the take of Imo State Govt on Buhari’s fictitious 1963 gazette on the existence of cattle grazing routes in the 36 states of the Federation to no avail, I now elect to request the official position of Imo State Govt to the burning issue should they be mindful of its grave consequences to Southern States, including Imo.

It is worrisome that many Southern States- Enugu, Ondo, Ekiti, Ogun, Benue, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Delta, Bayelsa, and others, have all spoken, dispelling Buhari’s fake grazing route, yet, nothing has been said on behalf of Imo State Government, as if to say, we are not concerned.

One may begin to wonder if the Imo State Government’s deafening silence on this burning issue is Golden, or if the Governor has sold out as usual.

Sometimes I wonder if Col Uzodinma is more APC than Gov Rotimi Akeredolu who always stands, and defends his people even though he is a founding member of the APC, while Col Uzodinma, a gatecrashed and accidental member of the APC .

I beg to ask, why is it too difficult for Col Uzodinma to stand differently with the Federal Government when the welfare, interest and security of his supposed people are at stake? Will that make him a less APC member, or will the Federal Government withdraw their pseudo support to his imposition on Imolites?

What the man stands to loose if he dares disagree with the Federal Government for our sake, is what I still do not understand, unless educated?

Just imagine that Prof Ben Ayade of Cross River State, who just defected to the APC a fortnight ago, could still muster the temerity to challenge Buhari on the non-existing grazing routes in Cross Rivers State, yet, he, who we were handed over to, is still lackadaisical, shy, and too loyal to confirm, or disprove Buhari’s claims.

Since the Imo State Govt has refused to speak on our behalf, let me speak as a sovereign Imolite; there’s no GRAZING ROUTE in Imo State. The said gazette, if exist, predates the creation of Imo State in 1976. Meaning it only existed at the level of the then Regional Governments, therefore, making it very impossible to be foisted on any state, including Imo State.

Most importantly, the Land Use Act vests lands in Nigeria in the custody of State Governors. The Federal Government will be overreaching her powers if she tries to allocate or appropriate state lands without due consideration and donation by states concerned.

Simply put for all of us in Imo State, its a HELL NO for grazing route in Imo State. This message should be passed on to the man at Douglas House for onward transmission to Abuja.

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