Democracy Day Celebration In Imo State?

…the celebration of a conquered people.


Oxford Dictionary defined Democracy as a system of government by the whole population, or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

I have been seeing fliers and reading Democracy messages believed to emenate from Governor(s), Legislators and appointees; shared in this space by their aides and probably sympathisers of the Government, and I kept thinking, how does this People deceive themselves and still think they can play on everyone’s Intelligence?

Many of us have not lost sight of all the wrongs evil going on. We remember. Honestly, I feel very unsettled each time I have reasons to believe that we have a set of leaders whose words are often in disagreement with their actions.

If Democracy is the government of the people, and you have continued to strangle the very Government closer to the most vulnerable people in our Rural Areas, what exactly are you celebrating and who are you deceiving?

Practical Democracy was murdered on the 12th of June, 1993. The remembrance of that regrettable incident should be a day of reflection, if not sober reflection, and not a day of jollification and beautifully crafted words, in todays Nigeria.

Democracy as I have seen in my own state (Imo State) should worry any decerning mind. I find it utterly hypocritical, ridiculous and at the time insulting reading all those letters on beautifully designed fliers and well crafted messages by those working with the Government at all levels, and members of the public.

It should have been a time to ask questions and reflect on how democratically we have been positively impacted or affected.

In 2007, Chief Ikedi Ohakim by hook or crook emerged the Governor of Imo State, within the 3years and 4months lifespan of that Administration, Democracy was completely neglected in our Rural Areas. There was no Local Government Elections, no democratically elected Chairmen and Councilors to the most vulnerable PEOPLE. There was a knee on the neck of the People’s Government.

6 Months to his reelection, in search for a political structure to steer him through the reelection, he hastily organised one in a very deceptive way, because even the elected officials were alleged to be on documented pledge of loyalty to him.

Fast-forward to 2010 general election, he had a political accident and by Kpukpukpu ogele way, Chief Okorocha was sworn in as Governor. His first job in the office was to sack the elected LGA officers and replaced them with interim stooges.

Chief Okorocha like an emperor presided over the affairs of Imo State for 7years, introducing all manners of duplicity ever witnessed in any democratic government. Just as he was about to leave the office for his already premeditated successor, the same hunger to raise a political structure urged him to hastily conduct a local government election that we never knew was possible for 7years; he cunningly conducted the most fraudulent Local Government Election ever witnessed in our state and federation.

By 2019, the very purpose for that sham crashed, and by Omission or commission, Chief Ihedioha emerged Governor and yet again, his first move as a governor was to sack those Okorocha’s “sElected” LGA officers, and he appointed his own interim management stooges.

And in the most judicial heist ever witnessed on this planet, Senator Hope Uzodinma emerged a governor and till date, there is no hope that there will be a Local Government Election in Imo State until the need for a political structure arises again, probably towards the end of 2023.

This trend has continued for about 14 years, and Imo people are comfortable with it, congregating in the capital City in search of job opportunities that are not there, while the Local Governments in Executive capacity could employ thousands of Youths.

You are today Celebrating Democracy day while jobs are taking away from you in your localities. You have no Government in your electoral wards, and you don’t care.

What exactly are you celebrating? You don’t have good Governance, you don’t have jobs, you can’t identify your rights and demand for it, because you don’t even know your rights. What are you celebrating?

You will make yourself available when it is time for 2k protest mobilization, but you will never remember to protest for that which will enhance your standard of living.

You are flying useless fliers up and down and celebrating Democracy because others are celebrating, you can’t even look around you and evaluate what you see.

It is a pity.

I am Awurum Darlington,
Proudly a spare parts dealer.
Small Dot, Big People

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