Anti-Youth policy causes terrorism – Okorocha

ABUJA – A Chieftain of the All Progressives Con­gress (APC), Rochas Okorocha has said that the Federal government’s anti-youth policies spurred in­security in the country.

Okorocha also identified poverty and hunger as rea­sons for banditry and terror­ism in parts of the country.

According to him, “hun­ger in the land and the failure to engage Nigerian youths who form more than seven­ty (70%) of the population” has driven many Nigerians to taking up arms against the state.

The former Imo State Gov­ernor said this when he host­ed Nigerians living in South Africa, Europe and America.

According to him, govern­ment must engage the youths to find lasting solutions to the country’s developmental challenges, instead of im­porting hundreds of millions of naira equipment to fight insecurity.

“In a nation of poverty, terrorism is inevitable, it is called ‘Hunger Terrorism.’ It is not real terrorism. We must engage these youths. The major problem with Nigeria is communication. Government is far away from the ordinary man. We need to engage them,” Okorocha pointed out.

The Owerri West lawmak­er also attributed the crisis in parts of the country to cultural differences between the north and the south.

He said, “the culture in the North and South are differ­ent. We are strange fellows and communication gap is bound to be. There are some elements across the country that don’t want the unity of the country. The difference between the Igbos and Yoru­bas is like they are two chil­dren from the same father but with two different moth­ers. They hate each other but they will never kill each oth­er, I was telling the Ooni of Ife this six months ago,” he said.

He encouraged Nigerian leaders to work with youths to develop and own security apparatus that will best suit parts of the country.

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