Insecurity: Hope Uzodinma Failing To Take Responsibility

One thing Senator Hope Uzodinma has failed to do, is to take responsibility for what is happening in Imo state today. He has blamed every other person but himself when in actual fact, he probably created the problem through the decisions he took.

For someone who came into power the way he did, one would have expected that he would spend the first one year building bridges and mending fences. Instead, he has chosen to fight Ndi Imo from all sides.

Is this intentional? Could this be some kind of vendetta for not voting him into power in 2019?

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that he has lost grip of the state. If his government had any iota of credibility and legitimacy before now, he has lost it all completely.

If he was winning some love from the people, for the work he had started doing when he took over, he has also lost all of it.

Unfortunately, legitimacy cannot be bought from the streets. It is derived from the people. The same people that he has invited the military and police to kill, arrest and torture for merely expressing their rights to protect themselves against Fulani herdsmen, that came to kill them.

The attack on Orlu, was against the Eastern Security Network ESN, a group that came to do what Uzodinma had failed to do for Ndi Imo, despite swearing an oath to do so.

Uzodinma could not protect Imo people from the marauders, yet called on the military to kill those who volunteered to protect the people from the marauders.

Those actions probably created the ground for criminal elements to cash in, and turn a once peaceful state, into a war zone, where the people can no longer move around freely.

An American president once said, ” the buck stops here” , meaning that in the end, he takes responsibility for everything.

Unfortunately, Uzodinma has blamed everybody but himself, for a problem he can not run away from.

Source Scooper

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