Has Hope Uzodinma Declared A Holocaust In Imo State?

by Obidike Nwagwu Esq

The news of Oguchi’s death at the hands of military personnel, on his way back to his base in Germany, hit me with great shock.

I have known Oguchi for a while and he was a man with bright ideas for the future. Plans and ideas, Hope Uzodinma’s martial law in Imo State have today deprived him, and a those who would have benefited from it.

The news is everywhere. Stories of blood and death, invited into Imo State by an illegitimate personality, with a stolen mandate.

There’s almost nobody now, who doesn’t know one or two people, that have been killed by these “security operatives”, Hope Uzodinma invited into Imo State.

More interesting, is Garba Shehu’s disowning of any responsibility to the killings going on in Imo State, laying all the blame on Hope Uzodinma. Garba further lt us know, that the tactics they are using, was agreed by Uzodinma, as a way to deal with the people of Imo State.

A tactics of blood and mourning.

But Garba Shehu didn’t even need to made excuses for Buhari, because Hope Uzodinma had already confessed that he invited the military to Imo State.

Then you wonder why Hope Uzodinma have remained silent in the face of killings going on in the state. Why Hope Uzodinma never acknowledged the killing of Noel Chigbu or others who have died since he invited their murderers to Imo State. Will he even acknowledge that he has equal responsibility for Oguchi’s death, as the military personnel that pulled the trigger?

The Holocaust, was a time when Hitler tried to wipe out the Jewish race from the face of the earth.

Hope Uzodinma may have invited to Imo State, people who seem determined to wipe out the people of Imo State.

Blood cries out in Imo State. The land is soaked with the blood of the innocent, and Senator Hope Uzodinma, is as responsible for those lives cut short by “stray” or deliberate bullets, as those who pulled the trigger.

May God save the people of Imo State from this Holocaust brought upon the people, by the man the Supreme Court imposed on the people.

Nwagwu, an Owerri based lawyer, is writing from London where he is attending a seminar.

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