Gulak: The Unanswered Questions Surrounding The Dead Suspects

Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, a former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, and the All Progressives Congress APC chieftain, that ensured former governor of Imo State, and Senator representing Orlu zone, Senator Rochas Okorocha, could not install his son- in- law, Uche Nwosu, as his successor, was shot and killed recently in Owerri, while on his way to the airport.

In a surprising turn of events, the police reported that the killers of the former presidential aide had been neutralised.

At first, the news was celebrated, but gradually, reason started to creep in, as people started studying the police release, as big holes started appearing.

More doubt was cast on the police release, by Senator Hope Uzodinma, who insisted that the murder of the man who made him govenror, was politically motivated.

The convener of the Save Imo group, had already stated that the killers and their sponsors, were not far from those, who were defeated in the APC primaries of 2018, which was conducted by Gulak.

According to the police, the driver of the Uber, that was conveying Gulak, was able to identify the makes, models and surprisingly, even year of the vehicles used by the assassins.

While it’ s probably, even with the tension on having gun welding men pointing guns at him, for the driver to still identity the cars used by the killers, mentioning the year of the vehicles, raised eyebrows.

He must either be a man who doesn’ t miss details, or he was a car buff, to be able to identify the year of every car, even while under tension. To many, that part of the story didn’ t add up.

Another thing that made people wonder, is the rationality of a killer squad, after killing such a high profiled target, to go and start sharing onions.

That narrative didn’ t sound rational. Common sense, would have made any assassin lay low after such an action, rather than go to the middle of the road to hijack and share onions.

Were the onions hijackers, labelled another crime they did not commit, just to make the police look good to the powers in Abuja?

Was it an attempt to link the IPOB/ESN to the killings in the state thereby causing more friction between Igbos and Northerners? Or was it a desperate attempt to appease the Northern Youths, who were threatening brimstone, if the murderers were not found? Could the culprits and their sponsors, still be at large, for Uzodinma to insist the killing was political?

People have also wondered, why Gulak chose to sneak away from his police protection, and try to get out of the state using an Uber.

Did he sense danger? If he sensed danger, and needed to run away from the state, why didn’ t he call Uzodinma to notify him?

For somebody of the status of Gulak, to be killed in such a manner, and with all the stories surrounding his murder, Nigerians believe there are so many questions yet to be answered.

Nigerians want the culprits to be apprehended, not killed so that they cannot reveal who sent them. From the police report, it appears that some of those they attacked at Mbaise, escaped with bullet wounds. It would be very important to track and arrest them alive, and hear from them, if they were really responsible for Gulak’ s death or not.

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