Gulak Was Assassinated By Losers Of Imo 2019 APC Primaries, Ekenulo Insists

An Imo State based Activist/Whistleblower.
and the convener of the SAVE IMO group, Ebubeagu Ekenulo, have accused disgruntled politicains in Imo State, of being behind the killing of Alhaji Ahmed Gulak.

Ekenulo stated this in a Press Release made available to Verbatim News, where he stated without mincing words, that Gulak’s killing was political motivated, ad fingered the outcome of 2019 APC Governorship primaries, as a reason for their action.

Alhaji Ahmed Gulak was brutally murdered in Owerri the Imo State capital, on his way to the Sam Mbakwe Airport, where he was supposed to board a flight.

Ekenulo, speaking for the Save Imo group, stated that the group strongly believes, that the opposition within the membership of Imo State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress APC, who lost out during the 2019 Imo APC gubernatorial primaries, were responsible for Gulak’s death.

Ekenulo called on the Inspector General of Police, to beam his radar on the APC aspirants, who contested alongside Hope Uzodinma for the party ticket, stating that does responsible for the attack, may not be far from them.

He further urged the police to scrutinise the public statements of the opposition in the party, to find out those capable of carrying out such an action.

Ekenulo took a swipe at Senator Hope Uzodinma, for lodging Gulak in a hotel, without providing him with necessary security, to ensure his protection..

Ekenulo wondered why was not quartered at the Presidential lodge, which has high level of privacy and better security.

They however charged Senator Hope Uzodinma to mae sure the perpetrators of the act, do not go free.

Ekenulo refuted claims that Gulak was killed by the unknown gunmen in this case, and dismissed attempts to link the murder to the Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB or ESN.

Ekenulo insisted, that it was time to separate none violent agitations for self determination or secession movements for a Biafra State, from politically motivated assassinations, kidnapping, armed robbery, banditry and all other forms of violent crimes currently going on in the state..

Gulak was in charge of the 2019 APC Governorship primaries, which produced Senator Hope Uzodinma, in a way Uzodinma would later term as the Ben Johnson Way.

Former governor, Senator Rochas Okorocha was outsmarted by Gulak, and his son-in-law, lost out at the primaries.

His full Release reads as follows:



By Ebubeagu Ekenulo, Activist/Whistleblower.

Without mincing words Ahmed Gulak was assassinated by hired assassins for political reasons not far from the outcome of 2019 APC Governorship primaries.

We strongly suspect that elements of the opposition within the memberships and factions of Imo APC who lost out at the 2019 Imo APC gubernatorial primaries are responsible for the gruesome killing of Ahmed Gulak.

We call upon the IGP and Imo CP not to look far away from the quarters of those APC aspirants and their killer squad who contested the 2019 Imo Governorship primaries with Gov Uzodimma and lost out .

We urge the Police to run through the public statements of some of these opposition head eggs within and outside APC wherein they tacitly or otherwise insinuated that they will make the government of Gov Uzodimma ungovernable.

We make bold to blame Gov hope Uzodinma for lodging his bosom friend and Political ally Ahmed Gulak at Protea hotel without providing him with Police security to oversee his personal safety while in Imo state as a VIP guest of His Excellency and Imo state government.

We question why Ahmed Gulak was not quartered at the Presidential lodge with high level of privacy and better security architecture.

We call upon His Excellency Gov Uzodimma to ensure that the perpetrators and sponsors of this gruesome murder of Ahmed Gulak don’t go Scot free. They must be fished out and made to face the full weight of the law.

There is nothing like unknown gunmen in this case and or for any one to want to link this gruesome murder of Ahmed Gulak by bitter politicians to IPOB/ESN.

It is high time we separate none violent agitations for self determination or biafra republic from political opposition, politically motivated assassinations, kidnapping, armed robbery, banditry and all other forms of violent criminalities ravaging our once peaceful state.

We shouldn’t submit to criminals under any disguise.

Ebubeagu Ekenulo

MAY 30,2021.

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