Insecurity: Uzodinma Selling Imolites A Dummy

Recently, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) announced a sit-at-home in the five states of the southeast region, starting from the 29th to the 31st of May, 2021. The order it was gathered is in commemoration of the anniversary of the Biafran war and in remembrance of the fallen Biafran heroes. The IPOB Leader also warned that anyone who violates the order may face severe consequences which includes being killed.

Whereas other governors in the region, in their wisdom, tactfully chose not to respond to the IPOB Leader, Gov Uzodinma in his usual canterkerous and overzealous manner gave a counter order. Speaking through his Commissioner for Information, Declan Emelumba, the governor urged Imolites to freely go about their businesses and ignore the sit-at-home order. He also assured them that security had been beefed up in the state hence there is no need for the people to fear.

By so doing the governor had lent credence to the order issued by the IPOB Leader. However many political watchers have faulted Uzodinma’s directive which they consider to be the height of hypocrisy. This is based on the fact that whereas the governor had encouraged Imo citizens to freely go about their businesses, credible information has it that Uzodinma and his aides, including Mr. Emelumba are no where to be found within the state presently.

Credible information has it that while Emelumba and some aides of the governor are hiding in one border village close to Anambra state, the governor is already popping champagne in a cozy hotel in Abuja. Leaving Imolites to their fate, at the mercy of unfriendly security operatives and the threats from IPOB. This accounts for their conspicuous absence from public functions within this period.

If Uzodinma were a patriotic leader as he claims to be, he and his aides would have remained and moved about freely in the state, in order to reassure the people of their safety. Infact, the governor would have become a super star if he could walk the streets of Owerri without escort to prove to citizens that indeed the state is secure under his watch. But that may never happen, because it is clear that the governor had sold a dummy to the people.

It appears he has sent his people to their slaughter like sheep without shepherd, while he and his aides hideaway in safety. How can a governor who reportedly sleeps in Abuja daily and moves about with hundreds of security escorts, even more than that of the president, convince the people that the state is safe?

If the state is safe why then does he sleep in Abuja and move about with armoured vehicles and a large number of security operatives as escorts? Who is deceiving who? It must be noted that no governor in the history of Imo State, both military and civilian paraded up to half the number of security escorts that Uzodinma is using presently.

Yet he is telling the people, who are not privileged to have even one single escort, to freely move about their businesses. Who does that? If Uzodinma had the people’s mandate and support why is he so uncomfortable in the state he governs? Why does it seem he is sore afraid to spend one whole week in the state without oscillating to Abuja?

When Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha was governor, he was very much at home with the people and unlike Uzodinma, he spent all his time in the state. He neither moved with armoured vehicles nor a battalion of security escorts like Uzodinma. However, while the governor is busy painting a false image of safety in Imo State, he must understand that the people appear not to even be afraid of the IPOB.

Surprisingly, there are widespread reports of Imolites cheering unknown gunmen and even members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN). But they are more terrified by the trigger happy security operatives whom he invited to the state and who reportedly have been violating the people’s human right and killing many of them. Making it apparent that the insecurity in the state is being heightened by those who ordinarily were supposed to douse tension and secure the people.

It has been rumoured that in dealing with insecurity in Imo, Gov Uzodinma, unlike governors of the southwest who are independent minded, is carrying out the orders of a cabal in Aso Rock. That may account for his keeping mute and appearing helpless in the face of several reports of extrajudicial killings and violations of human rights in the state by security operatives.

It was said that the Philip Umeadi’s case pending at the Supreme Court seeking to remove him as governor is being used to blackmail him to do the biddings of the powers that be. Sadly, it seems the governor is willing to sacrifice his people just to cling to power. Nevertheless, Gov Uzodinma should be advised to stop playing politics with the security of lives and property.

The carnage and bloodlettings taking place under his watch is unprecendented in the combined history of old and new Imo state. And his laughable attempt to pass the buck to the opposition clearly demonstrates the fact that he lacks ideas on how to solve the myriads of problems in the state.

Conversely, this could also be interpreted to mean that he became governor unprepared. In conclusion, the despotic attempt to use force to subdue dissenting views and oppress the people will never take him to any where. For history and posterity have never been kind to despots who sacrificed their people for self aggrandizement.

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