Imo Insecurity: Why Any Support For Uzodinma is Wasted

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

Suddenly in Imo State, many thieves of people’s safety, security, and peace have become apostles and disciples of safety, security and peace. Fraudsters have no business pontificating on safety and security! They’re wicked thieves of people’s safety, security, and peace!

Agreed, safety and security, as we continually and consistently advocate, is the business of everybody, but it’s not the business of those that are questionable as agents of insecurity in the society.

Fraudsters and criminals are the reasons talks are constantly made about safety and security in the society. How then could fraudsters and criminals pretend to be championing the cause of ensuring safety and security in the society? Nobody can give what he doesn’t have!

You’re most welcome to this edition of your award-winning short essay series through which we offer pro bono constructive criticisms to the government of the day! Welcome!

In the recent times in Imo State, Southeast Nigeria, gaily dressed men and women, old and young, rulers and ruled alike, are reported on the various news media, with accompanying photos, of their solidarity visits to Senator Hope Uzodimma at Douglas House, Owerri.

Fillers have since proved that the people are from the respective LGAs in the State. They’re led by a leader, usually a member representing the particular LGA in the Imo State House of Assembly.

When the trend started, we thought it was one of Uzodimma’s measures to get a buy-in from Imo people on the ways he has devised for genuinely addressing the now intractable insecurity situation in the State.

But so far with about a quarter of the LGAs attending the pilgrimage to Mecca at Douglas House to see Uzodimma, shake his hands, smile sheepishly, with their leader delivering campaign solidarity speeches, we’ve since concluded that it’s a characteristic jamboree for a drowning failure than a mission to finding sustainable solutions to the worsening insecurity in the State.

Hence, you read that a supposedly elected representative of the people stands up to make such worrisome pledges as: “Your Excellency, we have come to express our solidarity with you and to assure you that whatever is good for you is good for us and whatever is bad for you is bad for us. Wherever you go, we will go with you and whatever you do, we will do with you”!

Yet, among those that dressed up in their best apparels, looking like responsible entities, are majority who, after grumbling out of Douglas House, complain and curse the agent(s) of the insecurity in the State.

They forget that with the oath-like pledges of: “Whatever is good for you is good for us and whatever is bad for you is bad for us. Wherever you go, we will go with you and whatever you do, we will do with you”, they’ve shared in curse they pour upon the agent(s) of the insecurity in the State! Ignorance and ignoramus!

That’s because it’s the same Uzodimma they’re paying deity homage to on their solidarity pilgrimages that’s the lead agent of the insecurity in the State, by virtue of his self-confessed invitation of the military into Imo State, without first exhausting homemade domestic solutions like his predecessor-in-office did under the same circumstances!

Sadly and unfortunately, instead of Uzodimma giving his solidarity visitors reasons to believe that he’s working towards ending the shootings and killings in the State, he turns their visits into a campaign outlet, for instance, reminding Ihitte Uboma LGA people that he would recover the water borehole provided by the military regime, which is now being enjoyed by people of Abia State! Can you imagine!

A particular local government leader of delegation declared that they have land for the siting of park for the Imo Transport Corporation (ITC) at a market square, while another pleaded that the high noise in Imo State must stop so that he’ll be enabled and encouraged to make himself available to be used by Uzodimma! Just imagine!

The worrisome aspect of the pilgrimages to Uzodimma is that while the jamboree and trivialization are going on, more and more livesbif innocent citizens in Imo State are daily being lost to both known and unknown gunmen prowling around the State.

We’re yet to hear any of the visitors ask questions about what Uzodimma is doing about stemming the worsening spate of insecurity in the State.

That’s why we have concluded that any of the kind of support we see extended to Uzodimma about the terror-attacks and insecurity in the State is a wasted support.

Responsible people don’t waste their support. Indeed, support is a very scarce resource. Serious-minded people treasure, value and cherish their tank of support very much, refusing to give it out for useless, wasteful, prodigals!

Uzodimma has so far continued to hoodwink impressionable and careless Imolites with his blind grope for who to blame for the insecurity in Imo State.

He has blamed virtually everybody else except himself. He has blamed IPOB, ESN, opposition, his Commissioners, Imo leaders and Imo people.

Yet, from initial declaration that 50 persons have been arrested, Uzodimma has steadily upped the number of people he has arrested to the current 400 people.

Hence, as reputable pundits have advanced, Uzodimma has lost his bearing in his stories about the sponsors of the terror-attacks and insecurity in the State. In short, Uzodimma doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

But, fortunately, the majority of Imo people are wiser and now know that not only is Uzodimma the cause of the insecurity in the State, but that he also hasn’t any solutions to the terrible situation in the State.

Let Ndimo that wish to go on pilgrimages to Uzodimma feel very free to do so. No holds! But let them arm themselves with sense as they go. Thereby, they can ask Uzodimma relevant questions about the terror-attacks and insecurity in the State.

For now, all that we see, read and hear are wasted support from people who unwittingly and inadvertently have been wasting their support by unconsciously subscribing to Uzodimma’s leper’s game of irredeemably mortgaging Imo State and Imo people to fertilize his shylock politics and fraudulent political mercantilism!

It’s the most wicked oath or pledge to take in expression of solidarity with Uzodimma by any supposed Christian Imolite that says: “Whatever is good for you is good for us and whatever is bad for you is bad for us. Wherever you go, we will go with you and whatever you do, we will do with you”! Terrible!

Truly, many innocent children of God perish for lack of knowledge and understanding! May Supreme God save Imo State and Imo people! The world is watching!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!!

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