Hope Uzodinma does not have the eyes nor the ears of the gods

Mr. Awurum Darlington, a former aide and supporter of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, have penned some words to Senator Hope Uzodinma, over the security situation in the state.

Awurum who is based in Indonesia, has expressed worry over the situation in the state. His article reads in full:


Isn’t it very laughable that those who work with, and or sympathetic to the current government think we hate the Governor by stating the obvious? Personally, i have no reason to hate the Governor, but I am only loyal to the empire.

As the head of Principalities and Powers in the state, the Governor seem not to have neither the eyes nor the ears of the gods.

He failed to use Experience, Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence and human psychology to tackle the impending insecurity threat which the gods revealed through their trusted Apostles early enough. A revelation that would have served as a PREVENTION rather than a CURE.

In life, while Intelligence will help you solve a Problem, Wisdom will make you avoid that Problem completely. The Governor of the state, who happened to be the Chief Security of the State played Politics with the situation. There is no two ways about it, and no other person should be blamed, even those perceived to be the sponsors.

He should rise up as the Governor and take the blames and responsibility for the loss of lives, destruction of properties and the crippling of economic activities in the State.

The Police Claimed they informed the Governor few weeks before the security threats in Imo State, yet the Governor called it a bluff.

The DSS claimed they also brought this Security report to the Governor’s desk long before it geared up, the Governor looked away in pursuit of politics and his political opponents.

What about Awurum Darlington? Did I not see this Security Situation early enough in December 2020, and raised several alarms, proffered Solution to nip it in the bud, but no one listened? Didn’t I make it clear that no one will be at peace when it starts?

Why should I now be blamed for blaming the State actors who neglected all these warnings for selfish political gains? Why should I now be blamed for keeping mute if I choose to? If my observations didn’t mean anything then, that of the police and DSS didn’t mean much, obviously the call for opposition voices is laughable.

However the security situation in the State has degenerated, you have left the Governor, at whose table the entire decisions and actions ends, to blame opposition and innocent Citizens who are the major victims.

Forget about the name thing, call it Secessionists, Unknown Gunmen, ESN, IPOB, Militants, Militia, Rebel, Criminals etc. they all mean armed Non-State-Actors. The questions are, what are the factors? What the motives?

When citizens gives legitimacy to non-state-actors, it is a big problem. The Government should check themselves properly.

Why do we really have these agitations here and there? Why do we have an average of over 80% of the Citizens between 17 years to 35 years who are very Angry in today’s Nigeria?

Why do you shift blames when it is obvious there is no single politician in Imo State who can return to his Constituency and spend the night in his village house peacefully, without the presence of armed-to-teeth Security men guarding him from mob action by his own constituents?

Why do non-State-actors emerge in the first place? Is it not always as a result of the vacuum created within the State by those responsible for running the State?

You have all bastardized the Local Government, the only Government closer to the most vulnerable young people in our society. You have underfunded the Local Government, took away powers and functionalities from them and you think you can repair the roof a building with a collapsed foundation?

Recently, we have seen the leadership displayed by Akeredolu in the South West, coming to stand with the people, he didn’t relocate to Abuja, where is the governor in the face of the existential threats faced by the people from Islamo fascists enabled and supported by those in Abuja?

We elected a government according to the Supreme Court. We, inter alia, reposed them with the authority to combat all forms of criminality. The buck stops at their desk. That they’ve failed at it shouldn’t make us lose sight of that fact.

Blaming the Citizens who are also victims and apprehensive for keeping mute, hailing or cheering Non-state-actors is a way too low to transfer blames. If I have to dance for an Armed robber to spare my life in an uncertain situation, I will even add twerking, I will strip and do strippers moves join.

If Ike agwula Government in power that they now need the opposition party to intervene, they should tell us. Because if we should take to securing our towns by ourselves, it is still most of you that will jeer and say: look, they’re killing their brothers. Your police will then start arresting Citizens for jungle justice.

Yet, if these Criminals are arrested by members of civil society and handed over to the police, the police will still take bail bribe from them, allow them back into the streets and endanger our lives and the lives of the families of those who stood up to them. Fix culpability where it belongs!

So much for your thinly veiled attempt at vilifying the victims.

You can’t eat your cake and have it. You can’t break a people and expect them to still dance to your whims and caprices.

Let them do their job or let the people go with who can do it.

Sadly, it has already started in the East, we will continue to live with new demons going forward. The government indirectly creates these demons, sometimes delibrately, sometimes by their negligence, carelessness and unintelligence; yet they expects the citizens to have the solutions.

As 2023 approaches, with what I am seeing, we only hope for a different approach to winning elections by ballots casted from the comfort of our homes, otherwise, it will be bloody.

One thing is certain, if government want to put a stop to any nonsense, they can. But we know they are complicit and indirectly sponsoring the insecurity for whatever reasons known to them.

Can we not always debate issues and not see it as hatred to the governor? The Governor doesn’t own the State, it is only a pity that the people are Ignorant of their own collective powers.

Stop grandstanding! Fix it!!

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