Biafra Day: Nigerian Security Operatives Indirectly Enforcing Nnamdi Kanu’s Sit At Home Order

The people living along Egbu Road Owerri, woke up to sporadic shooting today, being the 29th of May 2021. The source of the shooting wasn’t from the unknown gunmen, who have been terrorising the state lately, but from the security operatives who are supposed to be protecting the people.

The major roads were blocked, with heavy military presence everywhere, as they continued to shoot sporadically, causing tension everywhere.

People were forced to stay in their homes, as those who dared to venture outside, were reportedly assaulted by the trigger happy security operatives.

People going to Relief Market, could not use the regular Egbu Road, and had to start looking for detours to get to their destinations.

This is a far contrast from the assurances given by Senator Hope Uzodinma, urging Imo people to ignore Nnamdi Kanu’s orders, and go about their businesses.

With the tension created by the security operatives, the citizenry are confused over which order to obey. Should they obey Senator Hope Uzodinma, whose words so far seems not to have any assurances, or do they follow Nnamdi Kanu?

The actions of the security operatives may help Imo residents make that decision, as the fear of being hit by stray bullets, which has become customary with Nigerian security operatives, may force the people to obey Kanu’s orders, rather than risk their lives on the assurances of Hope Uzodinma.

Across the South East and South Southern regions, that make up the old Eastern State of Nigeria, that was the defunct Republic of Biafra, the situation seems to be the same, as the heavy military presence  across the zones, may end up forcing residents to stay at home, and invariably lead to the success of Nnamdi Kanu’s Sit At Home Order.

Observers have condemned the reckless and seemingly unprofessional actions of the Nigerian security operatives, who’s actions of shooting sporadically, have resulted in the deaths of innocent Imolites in recent times.

More disappointing, is Uzodinma’s refusal to acknowledge those who have lost their lives to the crisis, or call security operatives to order from unleashing death on his people.

That has been the reason why his assurances seems not to be trusted by Imo people.

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