Insecurity: Uzodinma Didn’t Order Military Shoot-At- Sight On Residents, Says Govt

The Imo State Government has disclosed that no time did the State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma direct the security agencies to shoot and kill people of the State.

In the wake of the civil disturbances that brought in military and police in the State which led to shootings and killing of people, accusations were thrown at the State Government as being behind the deaths recorded so far.

Not less than six civilians have been killed since the menace of gunmen started in the State with several injured.

Spokesman of Imo State Government, Hon Declan Emelumba while briefing newsmen on the state of insecurity in the State said that it was the handwork of opposition and those against the good works of Senator Uzodinma.

According to him “Government did not order anyone to shoot and kill any Imo youths.

“It’s unfortunate that while His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma, the Executive Governor of Imo State is working round the clock in concert with the Federal Government and security agencies to contain the recent security breaches, those who have vowed to make the State ungovernable are not relenting in their demonic quest to derail the progress of the state.”

He further said that “just when the Government has successfully brought back the state to normalcy, these vicious enemies have contrived another rumour to the effect that security agents have been instructed to shoot and kill Imo youths extra judicially”.

He continued that “Based on this satanic unfounded rumour, this group has gone ahead to incite Imo youths to embark on a violent demonstration against the government. It is sad that some reports by the conventional media help to stoke this embers of discord.

” I just read an online media report from the platform of a national media that the police in Imo State have arrested 107 youths and clamped them in prison”.

He noted that there is no truth in this report and the police has promptly denied same. It is such false reports that inflame the polity and consequently facilitate the hatched job of those putting the youths together for protests. This is not fair.

“My esteemed colleagues, I am here today to let you, and by extension Imo people, know that there is no iota of truth in the aforementioned rumour being peddled by these enemies of the State. If anything, it is an avenue contrived to precipitate another crisis in the state with our dear youths mindlessly sacrifice as collateral damages”.

He went on “While it is true that the police high command made some statements on how to contain the security threats in the South East and South South, they had since.

Clarified the matter that only criminals have something to worry regarding these arrangements. In other words, those who are innocent and law-abiding have nothing to fear.

“As you all are aware, the Igbo have an adage that the river cannot drown a person who has not willingly walked into it. That means that even in this tensed atmosphere, the security agents cannot molest, arrest or intentionally shoot an innocent person”.

So I am here to urge my dear Imo youths to ignore this baseless rumour of them being targets of intimidation or assault by security agents. The originators of this wicked rumour are those who have vowed to make Imo state ungovernable. Nothing is too sacred including risking the lives of our youths in their satanic quest to have their way.

Unfortunately for them, this government ably led by Senator Hope Uzodinma is more than prepared to thwart every of their devilish agenda. Peace has been restored to the State. The Government has put a solid machinery in place to adequately respond to any form of security threat in the State.

The event at Orji few days ago should serve as a warning that any group that attempts to disrupt the peace of the State will pay heavily for its recklessness.

I am therefore using this medium to appeal to our parents and guardians to rein in their children and wards against any form of demonstration in this volatile time. Those who are stoking the embers of this crisis would not put forward their children to be part of the battle. That is why my fellow parents should not allow their children to be Cannon fodder in a purely mindless matter” Emelumba said.
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