Hope Uzodinma busy taking pictures as Imo burns – Imo APGA


As Imo State boils, our Governor does nothing but only politicizing every issue.

As Imo boils, Senator Uzodinma shows no concern.

As Imo boils, Mr. Governor remains asleep.

As Imo boils, our leaders remain silent.

As Imo boils, Elders and Stakeholders go into hiding.

As Imo boils, Mr. Governor and his supporters continue to chase rats.

As Imo boils, innocent citizens continue losing their lives.

As Imo boils, insecurity becomes order of the day.

Where are the Iwuanyanwus, and the Udenwas?

Where are the Ohakims, and the Okorochas?

Where are the Ihediohas, and the Ararumes?

Where are other top Imo political, and religious leaders?

Are you all only good in selfish politics?

We know you are all disappointed with the robbery and injustice at by Supreme Court. But let us rise up to save Imo at the moment.

Imo has been sold to the enemies, in exchange of power.

Desperation brings nothing good, but evil.

Imo is burning down at the moment, as innocent citizens are killed like fowl.

No one is safe in Imo, as everyone remains afraid of the next action and information.

Our ears are full of sad News, as our eyes are full of tears.

As Imo boils, our gallant security men are killed unnecessarily.

Who again shall protect the masses? And who shall speak for the people?

As Imo boils, every citizen is on the run. As there is total fear in the land.

Who again can protect Ndi Imo? As Mr. Governor is missing.

We only see his beautiful pictures. As he is nowhere to protect the citizens.

As Imo boils, Mr. Governor continues politicking. He does not even know the difference between security issues are political issues.

May God Almighty deliver Ndi Imo from hands of political buccaneers and lepers.

Comrade CHILAGOROM Ifeanyi
DG, Imo APGA Media

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