South East politicking and Okorocha Candidacy

Nigeria is slowly edging towards 2023 election, an election that many have considered a litmus test with the capability of changing the face of politicking in Nigeria.

Every Nigerian will agree that the country has seen its worst in terms of insecurity, poor economy (heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic), imbalance as a result of the lopsidedness in both appointments to executive and elective positions at the national level, which has put a particular region of the six geo-political zone in Nigeria at disadvantage when juxtaposed side-by-side other geo-political zones in the country.

The South East of Nigeria in the present administration has had its worst woes in terms of the absence at federal appointments and elective positions both in the Legislature and the Judiciary, Nigerians recall that when the Buhari administration came on board there were hues and cries that the region was not favored in terms of appointments at the federal level and the arithmetic at the legislature did not in anyway favor the region.

The present administration is moving towards its exit come, 2023 and the country as it is now is left in more confusion, occasioned by the activities of insurgents and Fulani herdsmen; cessation (occasioned by the imbalance created in the polity which has left the south east totally out of the scheme).

The evolvement of splinter groups calling for self-actualization, in the guise of the Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB; Oduduwa Movement; just to mention a few shows that a lot of frustration and anger has been bottled up especially in the south east and this is greatly affecting the socio-economic well-being of the people in the region.

The IPOB agitation took a deplorable turn with the coming to birth of the Eastern Security Network an offshoot of the IPOB, which many now blame for the insecurity that is threatening to swallow the south east, if nothing is done fast about it.

While all of these are going on in a region that was once known for its relative peace and sense of camaraderie that existed amongst its people and those in power, it should not be forgotten that one imbalance that for years appears to be a sticker the region is known for is yet to be addressed, that of course is the absence of one more state, when other geo-political zones have more than six states and are enjoying overwhelming support at the Federal legislature in Abuja.

All of these factors put together has made the clarion call for emergence of a President from the South east of Nigeria very apt and timely.

This call is seen by many as the only pill that will cure agitations that have erupted across the country, occasioned by the imbalance created so many years ago and carried through by successive government which blindly ignored what many consider more of a birth right as a result of the ominous presence of the demands of Ndigbo.

Anyone who takes a careful look at the political space at the present time will notice that some names have played up in the race towards the 2023 presidency, out of the names are; the former Governopr of Lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu; former Imo state governor and Senator representing Imo West, Anayo Rochas Okorocha and the present governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, who somany know has since commenced his consultations across the length and breadth of the nation.

Because of all the developments that has clearly showcased the deprivation suffered by Ndigbo over the years, a situation that has left it a shadow of its old self, it is very pertinent that the region shun any form of mediocrity and make up its mind about who should fly the flag of the south east come 2023.

The truth be told at this juncture, that the south east need to come together if not for any other reason but because of the need to correct the imbalance that has over the years put the region at disadvantage and queue up behind a Presidential candidate that possess qualities that will attract support at home and abroad.

A candidate to fit that toga is already known from the south east, because only one man has the appeal that the North, South, West and east of Nigeria can easily buy into, only one man can be generally accepted in the North, because of the level of humanitarian activities that has empowered and given freedom to the average Arewa child, whether in Kaduna, Sokoto, Adamawa, Kano, just to mention a few.

In the east his name is given an hausa abbreviation (which unknown to many is a selling point politically) because the North of Nigeria are even more confident to say he is one of them, talking about the man in question even without mentioning him at this point is already a giveaway, because with the little blind introduction I have done a discerning mind can say the man in question is no other but Anayo Rochas Okorocha.

In Imo alone as Governor, Okorocha introduced a salary structure for pupils and students of Primary and secondary schools as an impetus for them to embrace education (aside from the school feeding system) which students looked forward to receiving every month end. It is on record that the percentage of school enrolment in the eight years Okorocha served as governor shut up more than eighty percent.

To demonstrate his doggedness and sense of justice, Okorocha introduced the Freedom Square, where aggrieved Imolites came to ventilate their anger against those in power, it is even on record that Okorocha himself was once summoned as a serving Governor to answer to allegations brought against him.

Leaders of thought, opinion leaders and persons of influence in the south east should look no further from Owelle, he has the capacity, capability and competence to stir the ship called Nigeria and also take the south east to enviable heights, if given the chance.

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