Insecurity In Nigeria: Dialogue, The Only Way Out

A religious cleric and legal practitioner, Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu, have warned the Nigeria government, to imbibe dialogue as the only way out of the current security situation in the country.

Verbatim News published the 2021 predictions of the cleric, many of which have been coming to pass. The predictions as published on the 30th of December 2020, are listed below, with those which have come to pass, ticked by the side.

His recent call on the Government, which was in a Press release, made available to Verbatim News, reads as follows:

~ What I Foresee If Dialogue Is Not Adopted.

I was not born by 1966, when the Nigerian civil war erupted. But reactions I get from those who were aware of events that led to that sad event, makes me believe that Nigeria may be at the brink of another civil war. Another thing I have learnt from these set of people is that, the level of insecurity that preceded the civil war is a child’s play to what we are seeing now in the country.

The difference being that the proliferation of arms in the country today as exhibited by bandits, Boko Haram, Unknown Gunmen, Fulani herdsmen, kidnappers and even other common criminals has changed the narrative. Some believe that the number of small and even large arms in the custody of non-state actors in today’s Nigeria, may equate, if not supercede that of the security agencies, military and paramilitary combined.

If this is true, then such a situation calls for serious concern. For if the Nigerian civil war lasted 3 years in a period when the proliferation of arms in the country was at it’s kindagatten stage, how long would the war last now that it is at it’s tertiary stage? It is no longer news that the present high level of insecurity in Nigeria has taken a very different and dangerous dimensions.

A particular dimension appears to emanate from the agitations of ethnic elements such as the Fulani herdsmen, IPOB and Oodua proponents. Another dimension seems to be occasioned by the regular criminals such as kidnappers, assassins, armed robbers and so on. In all, it is my belief that all the actors in this sordid drama are all Nigerians who have chosen to seize the available opportunity at their disposal to vent their age long frustrations in the Nigerian State.

It is not in doubt that Nigeria has not met the aspirations of many of its citizens. It is also not in doubt that out politicians have failed the country in all fronts. It is not also in doubt that the above mentioned ethic agitations and the attendant social vices were also direct consequences of the perennial bad leadership that had eaten up the polity. At this point it wouldn’t be out of place to state that the high level of insecurity in the country today was created by socio-political factors.

If that is the case then it would require a socio-political solution. The attempt by the Federal Government to use force to solve the problem may backfire. Advanced countries like the US, UK and even recently the EU, have all opined that the present security problem in Nigeria is complex and requires dialogue, not the use of force, to resolve. The former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. John Campbell in his personal capacity, also echoed a similar opinion.

That is why at this point I am calling on the Federal Government to change strategy and adopt dialogue as a means to resolve the current security crisis in Nigeria. All the ethnic agitators, the Fulani herdsmen, IPOB, Oodua, etc should all be brought to a roundtable to address their various grievances. If this is done, the escalated tension in the country can be doused. Otherwise, the continual use of force may lead to another civil war which the nation may never recover from. No nation in history has survived two civil wars, Nigeria may not be an exception.

By the Special Mercies of ALMIGHTY GOD, I have been gifted with the grace to forsee future events before they occur. Starting from December 30, 2020 till recently I had made about 90 predictions on my official Facebook page, on what to expect in 2021, and almost 50% are already coming to pass if not more. I have chosen to paste the predictions below for reference purposes. The predictions are still on my page for verification.

Most of my predictions centered on insecurity in the country one of which is the eruption of another civil war by the month of June, 2021, if care is not taken. The reason the ALMIGHTY reveals future sad events is for us humans to take measure to forestall such. If we fail to take heed then we can’t hold HIM responsible for the consequences of our ignorance. Therefore, I want to predict again for the records, that should dialogue be abandoned for the continual use of force, I foresee another civil war breaking out.

This civil war will be quite different from the last. This one will not consume only the common man, but also the top politicians. I forsee governors, legislators, top politicians, losing their lives. I forsee a carnage that Nigeria may never recover from. I forsee the country breaking up in to more than 3 different nations thereafter. And all these will happen in just a few, but long and horrible months. This could be avoided if our political leaders can adopt dialogue to resolve these problems. Let he that has ear here! A word is enough for the wise!!

The Predictions:

What To Expect In 2021 (Part 1) December 30, 2021.

  1. New nations will be born.
  2. Some Heads of State will lose their seat.
    Some by death and some by other means.✓
  3. Some Governors in Nigeria will be removed from their seat.
  4. More protests to take place in a larger scale. And if not handled properly may result to violent riots.✓
  5. There will be surprises in the USA as what people expected is not what will happen.✓
  6. President Trump should be careful with those around him.✓
  7. There will be nuclear explosion in a big country in Asia.
  8. There will be severe friction amongst world powers that may threaten World War 3.✓
  9. There will be several political assassinations in Nigeria mostly through poisoning.✓
  10. The World Church Council will become stronger due to religious alliances. Most prominent religious leaders will pay homage to the Pope.
  11. There will be notable plane crash in Europe where some prominent persons may lose their lives.
  12. The world economy will fluctuate as the British and American economies will face severe challenges.✓
  13. A Governor in northern Nigeria will not complete his tenure due to a severe illness.
  14. A new terror organization will surface in northern Nigeria.✓
  15. Southern States will forge a stronger alliance.✓
  16. So many secrets in the seat of power in Abuja will be made public.✓
  17. There will be secret moves to pacify the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to no avail.✓
  18. Some top Politicians will be detained.✓
  19. Former president Obasanjo will face severe challenges and political buccaneers will come for him.
  20. The desperation for 2023 presidency will tear the political class apart in a manner not witnessed before in this country.✓

What To Expect In 2021…(Part 2) January 3, 2021.

  1. Rochas Okorocha’s presidential ambition will hit the rocks and may end his political career.✓
  2. There is a fresh plot to return Orji Uzor Kalu to prison.✓
  3. Nasir El-Rufai and Chibuike Amaechi will forge a very strong political alliance that if nothing is done may threaten Igbo presidency.
  4. Militants to resume bombing of pipeline
  5. Former Ekiti governor Ayo Fayose may have very serious problems because of his feud with Makinde.
  6. Oshiomhole may go on political exile from Edo because of his feud with Obaseki. His reported plot to unseat Obaseki through the Supreme Court may backfire.✓
  7. Bola Tinubu’s health may fail him this year.✓
  8. Lagos State government will be shaken this year. There will be strong political divisions in the government starting from the Executive down to the Legislature.
  9. Lagos State governor Babajide Sanwo-olu will face severe political challenges this year.
  10. Nigeria flag may fly on half mast twice this year.
  11. There will be a rift between the US Billionaire Bill Gates with some Nigerian leaders.✓
  12. US president Trump will shock the world by some of his actions.✓
  13. Terrorists will resume the use of car bombs especially in the FCT, Abuja.
  14. Army Chief Buratai may face severe terminal health challenges.
  15. Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State will face severe political challenges that may threaten the end of his political career.✓
  16. A popular political activist based in the Southeast may face severe challenges this year.✓
  17. CBN governor Godwin Emefiele’s job may be threatened this year as a result of bad policies that may shake the economy.
  18. Another popular soccer legend may go this year.
  19. The inflation rate in Nigeria will deepen as naira is set to fall more than ever before.✓
  20. Prayers should be made against another coup attempt and assassination in the top echelon of the army.
  21. GOD Almighty shall shake Aso Rock in the first quarter of this year.✓

What To Expect In 2021…(Part 3) January 11, 2021.

  1. Uche Ekwunife may be the next governor of Anambra State if she stays on the right course.
  2. There will be more riots and threat of civil war in the US.✓
  3. Any further attempt to victimize president Trump after he hands over will create very big socio-political problems in the US.✓
  4. US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi may not survive this year.
  5. NASA will experience a disaster while launching a rocket in to space.
  6. Gov. Nyesom Wike should pray against losing someone very close to him this year.
  7. Plan to lockdown countries in Africa due to the coronavirus pandemic will fail as some countries will not cooperate.✓
  8. More countries in Africa will pull out from international bodies like the UN, WHO, etc
  9. Africa will be the focus of the world this year due to socio-political crisis that will spring up in many countries. ✓
  10. Scam associated with the coronavirus pandemic will be exposed.✓
  11. Nature will balance the current split in the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo.✓
  12. The clandestine plot to globalize the world will suffer a major set back in this year.✓
  13. There will be a leadership crisis in Amotekun Western security organization.
  14. Western Nigeria may lose a great political icon this year.✓
  15. More stolen loot running into billions of dollars will be discovered abroad and repatriated to Nigeria.✓
  16. Gen Yakubu Gowon’s health may fail him this year.
  17. Rochas Okorocha should be wary of falling into a political trap.✓
  18. Sen. Sam Daddy should apply caution because over speeding can lead to a crash of his political career this year.
  19. A fresh pandemic may emerge this year.✓

What To Expect In 2021…(Part 4) March 3, 2021.

  1. The battle between Sen. Rochas Okorocha and Gov Hope Uzodinma, will consume the political career of both and even more, if care is not taken.✓
  2. Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha should sit up and be proactive otherwise he may go into political extinction.
  3. Gov Okezie Ikpeazu should pray against anything that will make him weep in his family.
  4. Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu should take care of his health.
  5. The British Government may betray the FG in an agreement to stop secessionist.✓
  6. Let’s pray against a plane crash that may consume the lives of prominent Nigerians.
  7. Lokoja may soon be a hotbed of crisis and banditry.
  8. There may be an unprecedented uprising of youths in the North that will trigger another EndSARS protest in Nigeria.
  9. Efforts and prayers should be made for the prevention of another Nigerian civil war starting from the month of June.✓
  10. The latent ethnic division in the Nigerian army will soon manifest and lead to a balkanization of the army, if care is not taken.✓
  11. Gov Nasir EL-Rufai should pray for good health.
  12. The Southeast may soon lose a prominent religious cleric.✓
  13. Efforts must be made to prevent food crisis in the South in the month of June.
  14. Efforts must be made to prevent the forthcoming election in Anambra from being the most violent in the history of the State.✓
  15. Convoy of some governor’s in the South may experience attack from bandits.
  16. If care is not taken, power at the center may fail in Nigeria.✓
  17. Bola Tinubu’s presidential ambition will hit the rocks, but it will also divide the ruling party.
  18. Some international spies deployed in Nigeria to manipulate the system may be apprended.
  19. Former president Goodluck Jonathan will be attacked if he makes open his interest to contest for the presidency.
  20. A couple of State Burials will take place this year.

What to expect in 2021 (Part 5) May 1, 2021.

  1. The presidential spokesman Garba Shehu should seek the face of GOD..I see trouble.
  2. Many soldiers may quit the Nigerian army starting from this month of May. ✓
  3. The latent division between the Tinubu and the Aso Rock cabal APC camps will manifest this month.✓
  4. Some politicians will escape assassination attempts while some may not be lucky.✓
  5. The NASS may shut down soon.
  6. The governors of the southeast may soon abandon their states permanently.
  7. National oil facilities and oil pipelines may soon be blown up by bandits and militants.
  8. The forces that have aggregated against the Nigerian State are being underestimated…I see a whirlwind that may sweep away Nigerian security forces swiftly.
  9. I see stakeholders, clergymen, businessmen, students, workers, masses, etc begin to speak with one voice against the government.✓
  10. Power tussle in Aso Rock may lead to the exposition of top secrets in the villa.

Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu Esq
Public Affairs Analyst

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