Imo may be Spending Approximately $50,000 weekly on private jets

Following reports of governors, spending heavily on private jets, Imo may have been rated as the highest spender in this regard, as an independent study conducted at the Chief Sam Mbakwe Airport by Efizzy, in April of 2021, suggests that Imo State may be spending approximately $50,000 weekly on hiring private jets.

The minimum rate for hiring a private jet for a trip, is $10,000, and Senator Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, as well as his family members, and even invited friends always fly private, with the govenror alone, visiting Abuja almost on a weekly basis, since he became governor, and each time flying private.

Further enquiry from airport staff who requested not to be mentioned, revealed that the former govenror of Imo State, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, only used a private jet three times as govenror of Imo State, and flew Business Class, when he was govenror.

At the almost N500 exchange rate to the dollar today, a single flight by the govenror, stands to cost Imo State about N5000,000.00.

At the peak of the security crisis in the state, when the govenror flew to and from Abuja about twice within one week, the state would have spent about N20,000,000.00 on trips that would have cost Imo State less than N1000,000.00, if he had flown on Business Class like his predecessor Ihedioha.

Recall that former Anambra State governor, and 2019 Presidential running mate, Peter Obi was commended, while as govenror, for always flying Business Class, rather than hiring private jets with state resources.

In a state where pensioners are yet to be paid, since Ihedioha left office, the constant use of private jets, at the expense of the state, has become worrisome.

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