Impeach Hope Uzodinma now – Ehime Youths insist


December 7, 2020.

A foremost youth political movement in Imo State, popularly known as Ehime Youth Movement (EYM) hereby call on the Imo State House of Assembly and APC stakeholders in Imo State to expedite actions and processes towards impeachment of Governor Hope Uzodinma and subsequent suspension from the party for his anti-party and anti-democratic activities prior to and during the Imo North Senatorial by-election conducted by INEC on the 5th December, 2020.

Before I proceed, I would like to clear the reading public of possible ambiguity of linking the youth political movement to any parley with APC. This public statement and call for the impeachment of Governor Hope Uzodinma is borne out of our core objective of helping to birthe and sustain a sociopolitically peaceful, progressive and prosperous Imo of our dreams.

We’re for the good and progress and peaceful coexistence of all Imolites, without which there won’t be any marked sociopolitical and economic growth and development of the State.

We have watched the interview Senator Araraume granted AIT television and marked with utter-disappointment the reckless anti-party activities exhibited by the governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma prior to and during the just concluded Imo North Senatorial by-election which, if not checked, could lead to lost of peace and possible anarchy in the state as a result of counter-schemisms from aggrieved parties.

The fact that politics involves, sometimes unfriendly scheming and quest to stick tenaciously to individual convictions or party objectives of winning political seats at all costs should not preclude our collective quest for a peaceful coexistence. According to Mao Tse Tung Zedong, politics is ‘war without bloodshed’. This philosophy should guide the actions of political actors at all times. We should endeavour not to succumb to pressure of unholy convictions in our minds that the only thing that matters is seizing a political office and not the peace and progress of the state and its people.

Governor Hope Uzodinma with his anti-party activities has caused an unsettling situation that if reciprocated by other players could lead to degeneration of peace and lead to chaos and possibly anarchy. He wielded the State power and machinery vested in him in an unholy manner and used it to create division in the party by attempting to foist an unqualified candidate on the party and Imo North Senatorial District, in the person of Hon. Frank Ibezim.

Recall that Mr. Frank Ibezim was ab initio disqualified by both the APC national election screening committee and the screening appeal panel, yet Governor Hope Uzodinma ignored the decisions of these statutory bodies empowered by the party to carry out the functions which they judiciously and in line with the party guidelines executed fairly.

Yet again, his disqualification was upheld by a competent court sitting in Port Harcourt in a suit filed by another APC Senatorial aspirant Hon. Chief Mrs Adanne Chidinma Uwajumogu, who prayed the court to declare Araraume the winner of the APC Imo North Senatorial by-election primary, since the two candidates, Frank Ibezim and Hon. Matthew Omegara, who came first and second respectively on the list submitted to INEC by law did not participate in the said APC primaries conducted on 3rd September, 2020 having been disqualified by both the APC National Elections Screening Committee and the Screening Appeal Panel.

Governor Hope Uzodinma flouted the court order and went ahead to field Frank Ibezim as his candidate and campaigned vigorously for him. As a result, Araraume obtained another court order which barred Ibezim from contesting the Imo North Senatorial by-election. Governor Uzodinma called it “ekeonunwa market order “, disregarded all the court rulings and went ahead to further deepen the divisions he created in the party and disrupted the party’s preparations for effective participation in the senatorial election.

Governor Uzodinma did not stop at dividing the party. On the eve of the election, he advised his supporters to vote for PDP, having seen that his preferred candidate remains disqualified and would not fly.

These clandestine, rancorous, win-at-all-costs, and unbrotherly desperations we have noted, with dismay, could lead to anarchy if not checked and therefore call on Imo State House of Assembly and APC stakeholders to expedite actions towards impeaching Governor Hope Uzodinma and restoring normalcy and peace in the State.

We maintain that our call for the impeachment of Governor Hope Uzodinma is non-partisan, as Ehime Youth Movement (EYM) is not an offshoot of any political party, but a distinct pressure group. Before we became members of PDP, APC, APGA, AA, LP, etc. we were first Imolites and must join hands to pursue and sustain a better Imo of our dreams .

Let Okigwe zone and Imo State prevail always!

Justice Onyenanu,
National Secretary, Ehime Youth Movement (EYM).

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