Is Hope Uzodinma holding Chiji Collins hostage?

A lot of political watchers have expressed concern over the behavior of the sacked Imo Speaker, Chiji Collins, since the start of the drama that saw him out of office.

Even his handful of supporters have expressed great concern at his silence, and seeming obedience and docility over the matter.

Political watchers were shocked when after his impeachment, the sacked Speaker escorted the person who kicked him out to meet Senator Hope Uzodinma for a formal presentation.

There still, he was made to snap pictures with them, and this had gotten observers worried over the behavior of the sacked Speaker.

Interestingly, it would be the first and only personal picture he would have with the Govenror.

A lot of people have started wondering whether there is something Senator Hope Uzodinma has on the sacked Speaker, that is making him to be obedient and quiet, without resisting his impeachment.

Chiji has not made any formal reaction to his removal, and have seemingly kept his head low from the public.

There had been allegations of financial misappropriations, which was claimed as some of the reasons for Chiji Collins removal, and observers are wondering whether Chiji is playing ball, and acting a loyal servant, to avoid being called to question over the alleged financial misconducts.

Ironically, Hercules Okoro, the detained Imo lawmaker, seemed to have cried more than the bereaved, as he is right now cooling his head inside prison custody, after he came with thugs to fight for a man who seemed too weak and helpless to fight for himself, that he was being led about by those who removed him, and practically made to smile at the camera while he wrote inside.

Whatever Uzodinma, or Chiji Collins co-lawmakers have on him must be very serious and probably could deny him his freedom, to have gotten Chiji Collins to stay quiet over the matter.

We may however hear what truly transpired if Uzodinma is removed by Philip Umeadi, and Chiji may be free of whatever is keeping him as obedient as a puppy in the hands of his enemies.

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